Special Events and Trainings

ALSC offers a variety of annual, biennial, and one-time special events and trainings to support the professional development of those serving children and families in libraries.

Bill Morris Seminar: Book Evaluation Training

One of the most sought-after opportunities for professionals in the children's literature world, the Bill Morris Seminar: Book Evaluation Training brings together ALSC members with limited evaluation experience together with those who have served on ALSC’s media evaluation committees in an environment to train and mentor in the group process and in children’s media evaluation techniques. Participants learn book evaluation skills as well as how to conduct and participate in effective group discussions. The seminar results in new and emerging leaders for future ALSC evaluation committees.

Children's Literature Lecture

The ALSC Children's Literature Lecture is an annual event featuring an author, critic, librarian, historian, or teacher of children’s literature, of any country, who shall prepare a paper considered to be a significant contribution to the field of children’s literature. The paper is delivered as a lecture each spring, and is subsequently published in Children and Libraries, the journal of ALSC. The host site for the lecture changes annually, and institutions wishing to host the lecture can apply through ALSC; any library school, department of education in a college or university, or public library system may be considered.

Information on the 2024 Children's Literature Lecture, featuring Rita Williams-Garcia, can be found here.
Information on the 2025 Children's Literature Lecture, featuring Kyle Lukoff, can be found here.

Charlemae Hill Rollins President's Program

The ALSC Charlemae Hill Rollins President's Program is sponsored by the Charlemae Hill Rollins Endowment, which supports quality programming at the annual ALSC President's Program, which takes place during ALA Annual Conference. Each year, the ALSC President chooses a general topic for the program's focus; two co-chairs, hand-selected by the ALSC President, take that vision and create on of ALSC's most highly-anticipated programs every year!

Check back here for forthcoming information on the 2024 ALSC Charlemae Hill Rollins President's Program at ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition!