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Important notice! -- The American Library Association (ALA), including its divisions, is a 501(c)(3) organization and is prohibited from engaging, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign for or against a candidate for local, state or federal office. The penalty for violation of these prohibitions is revocation of tax-exempt status. Any post, on any ALA communication platform, that would put ALA/ALSC at risk will be deleted.

ALSC offers numerous discussion lists. See the list below for descriptions of each list.

All ALSC (and ALA) electronic discussion list management and subscriptions are managed via Sympa at http://lists.ala.org.

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A policy for posting to ALSC-L was approved by the ALSC Board at the ALA Midwinter Meeting 2007 in Seattle, WA and subsequently revised in 2008 and 2010:

The ALSC-L electronic discussion list is a forum where subscribers communicate with one another about ideas, issues and activities concerning library service to children. All posts to the list should relate to that discussion. ALSC-L is a forum for free expression, where dynamic discussion and consideration of differing points of view is welcomed and encouraged. To establish a safe and open environment crucial for vibrant and productive discussion, it is the responsibility of all ALSC-L subscribers to set and keep a tone of respect.
•   Maintain a culture of trust. Refrain from posting defamatory, obscene or offensive material. The prohibition of the posting of offensive material is intended to apply to hate speech, name calling, personal insults and similar material.

•         Maintain a culture of objectivity. Refrain from posting self-promotional or commercial material, except for one-time notices about conferences, publications, blogs, position openings, or other announcements related to library service to children.

•         Maintain a culture of professionalism. Refrain from postings of a personal nature. Respect the rights and privacy of others, and use social networks for personal notifications including births, accidents or illnesses.

•         Maintain a culture of integrity. Refrain from the posting of copyrighted material. Subscribers should be authorized to copy, print, and/or distribute any material posted to the list. Documents meeting these criteria may be attached.
The ALSC Executive Committee has the right to suspend any ALSC-L subscriber who fails to participate according to the rules articulated in this policy. Subscribers will receive one written warning. Continued abuse may result in a suspension of ALSC-L privileges of up to six months. Appeals to an Executive Committee decision may be addressed in writing to the Executive Director within 30 days of a warning or suspension. The Executive Director will bring the appeal to the Executive Committee and relay the Executive Committee response within 30 days of the appeal.

The above policy extends to all ALSC electronic discussion lists.


The members of the ALSC Board of Directors communicate with one another and conduct association business on the ALSC Board Electronic Discussion List. Other individuals are welcome to subscribe to the ALSCBOARD list on a "read only" basis. "Read only" subscribers receive all posts to the list but cannot post messages themselves.

Alternatively, members can stay current with ALSC issues and business proceedings by accessing the  ALSCBOARD Archives , which are open to the public.


The ALSC Priority Group Consultants and Committee Chairs Discussion List is for general communication amongst the ALSC leadership and staff.


The Children's Collection Management in Public Libraries Discussion Group established  ALSCCOLMGT to provide an online forum for public librarians who are engaged in the development and management of children's print, audiovisual, and electronic collections. Subscribers can ask questions, post suggestions, and share new ideas.


ALSCSTORY is for all who want a place to discuss issues and concerns in storytelling, as well as keep in touch with a storytelling support group. People may post questions relating to the practice of storytelling.


Does your library celebrate Dia? Are you interested in learning more about Dia? This discussion list is a place for librarians to exchange ideas, solicit advice, and discuss Dia planning and programming.


A joint project of ALSC and YALSA, this list provides a means of discussion and networking for any individuals interested in library services for and with middle school-aged youth. Discussions, news, and information are welcome on the list; however, advertisements are not.


The Preschool Services Discussion Group established PRESCHSVCS to provide an online forum on any topic related to preschool services, programs, or materials related to children from ages infant through the preschool years, and the adults who serve them. Subscribers to the list can share successful programs or outreach efforts, highlight quality new materials, ask questions, or share new services that they have instituted.

If you have questions about any of the discussion lists above, please contact Laura Schulte-Cooper at alsc@ala.org.