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There is no better work than “engaging communities to build healthy, successful, futures for all children”, through libraries. It is a privilege to serve as the 2017-2018 ALSC President, helping the organization carry out this work through libraries across the country.
Thanks to your input, ALSC’s new Strategic Plan sets a clear plan for immediate priorities:
• I have established the Summer and Out-of-School-Time Learning Task Force and Research Agenda Task Force to embark on objectives in Advocacy and Learning & Development.  
• ALSC’s Emerging Leaders project, “The Path to Youth Library Leadership” and recommendations from the Diversity in ALSC Task Force will inform Board strategies to “Transform ALSC,” making us more diverse and inclusive, with clear and welcoming pathways to engagement and leadership.  
• Members can expect targeted education in and promotion of our professional competencies
• We will activate advocacy to champion the value of library service and amplify librarians’ essential role in achieving our vision.   
ALSC continues to excel in our book and media awards and evaluation, applying our core values to ensure they are responsive and relevant to children today.  This year we are piloting three new digital media awards: two for media itself, and one to honor media mentors.  At the ALSC’s President’s Program during ALA Annual 2018 in New Orleans, we will explore ways to ensure diversity is the foundation to the work of award/media evaluation in both statement and in practice.
These priorities will support and be supported by ALA President Jim Neal’s external priorities, themed “Libraries Transform, Libraries Lead,” focussing on Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Political Advocacy, Partnerships, and School Libraries. 
2017 has already proven to be a critical year for advocacy and innovation, and I hope that you will Get Involved and Volunteer to help us move forward.
2017-18 ALSC President