Collection Development


  • ALCTS Resources for Library Collections
    Links to books offered or written by ALCTS, and resources for serials collections.
  • Chief Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries IG
    Forum for discussing the various collection development and collection management issues of concern to large research libraries and exchanging information on new developments, techniques, and problems in managing the development of library collections. Membership is limited. --Sponsored by ALCTS CMDS
  • Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries IG
    Forum for discussing collection development and management in academic and research libraries. An information network limited to librarians who perform collection development functions in all academic and research libraries not included in the Chief Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries Interest Group.--sponsored by ALCTS CMDS
  • Collection Management and Development in Public Libraries IG
    Provides a discussion forum for librarians and others whose interests include selection, collection development, and collection management in public libraries of all sizes. Jointly sponsored by ALCTS CMDS and RUSA CODES.
  • Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner IG
    Group identifies the forces of change in the development and management of collections as they affect individual selectors and as they contribute to selectors' ability to address and manage these changes. Sponsored by the Collection Management and Development Section of ALCTS.
  • Helpful Hints for Small Map Collections
    Helpful Hints for Small Map Collections: Components of a Basic Map Collection.
  • RUSA Guidelines for Establishing Local History Collections
    These guidelines are intended to assist those beginning local history collections. In surveying the literature about the collecting of local materials it is apparent that many have already written about the use and the maintenance of the various media employed in local history.