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About the Odyssesy Award

This annual award will be given to the producer of the best audiobook produced for children and/or young adults, available in English in the United States. The selection committee may also select honor titles. The Odyssey Award is jointly given and administered by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), divisions of ALA, and is sponsored by Booklist.

The selection committee consists of nine members: four members appointed by ALSC; four members appointed by YALSA; a chair, whose appointment alternates between ALSC and YALSA divisions; and a consultant from the staff of Booklist magazine who works with audiobooks. The consultant may participate fully in all book discussions but may not participate in voting.

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2023 Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production for Children

Children’s Audiobook


“Stuntboy, in the Meantime”

Produced by Taryn Beato for Simon & Schuster Audio

Written by Jason Reynolds

Narrated by Guy Lockard, Nile Bullock and Angel Pean with a full cast

Upbeat Portico shares his home and school adventures with enthusiasm, while his alter ego Stuntboy protects his neighbors and battles “The Frets.” In this highly entertaining audio, exuberant sound effects, music, and a full cast led by Guy Lockard, bring Stuntboy's cinematic story to life.

2023 Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production for Young Adults


“The Honeys”

Produced by Melissa Ellard for Scholastic Audio

Written by Ryan La Sala

Narrated by Pete Cross

Struggling to find their place at an elite summer camp after a family tragedy, gender fluid Mars discovers a gruesome revelation. Subtle yet immersive sound effects and a narration by Pete Cross that empathetically embodies the range of characters enhances this atmospheric novel.

2023 Odyssey Honor Audiobooks


“The Three Billy Goats Gruff”

Produced by Melissa Ellard and Paul Gagne for Weston Woods Studios and Scholastic Audio

Retold by Mac Barnett

Narrated by Mac Barnett

Jaunty music, intermittent goat poetry, and a jubilant voicing by the author Mac Barnett set this audio apart. Listeners of all ages will take delight in the humorous narration. This fresh audio will give librarians and caretakers something unique to bring to storytime.


“Demon in the Wood Graphic Novel”

Produced by Steve Wagner, Michelle Altman and Real Jetpacks for Macmillan Young Listeners, an imprint of Macmillan Audio

Written by Leigh Bardugo, adaptation by Garet Scott

Narrated by Ben Barnes and a full cast

The graphic novel prequel to the Shadow of Bone series is artfully recreated as an exceptionally produced audio. A rich soundscape and a full cast transform this visual book into a fantastic listening experience. It is a treat for fans but is also strong enough to be an entertaining stand alone.


“Inheritance: A Visual Poem”

Produced by Caitlin Garing for Quill Books, an imprint of HarperAudio

Written by Elizabeth Acevedo

Narrated by Elizabeth Acevedo

Elizabeth Acevedo passionately performs her spoken-word poem celebrating the complexities and the cultural legacy that hair symbolizes for her as an Afro-Dominican woman. She layers intonation, rhythm, pacing, and volume in crafting this recording making it a dynamic addition and approachable entry point to the art form.


“The First Helping (Lunch Lady Books 1 & 2)”

Produced by Jarrett J. Krosoczka and Lauren Klein; Executive Producer Nick Martorelli for Listening Library, an imprint of Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group

Written by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Narrated by Kate Flannery, the author and a full cast

These graphic novels have been reimagined by author Jarrett Krosoczka into a full cast audio production. The larger-than-life voices and sound effects sets a perfect tone for the retelling of the beloved series that allows it to be enjoyed in a new way.

Members of the 2023 Odyssey Award Committee: Chair: Lynda Salem Poling, Catherine Andronik, Alicia Blowers, Celia Dillon, Colette Drouillard, Alyson Feldman-Pitch, Shannan Hicks, Amy Kleman, Marcia Melkonian, Ashley Mensah, Rebecca Oberhauser

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