Frances Henne/YALSA Grant Application

The Frances Henne Research Grant annually provides $1,000 in seed money for small scale research or action research projects that respond to the YALSA Research Agenda. This grant is administered by YALSA.


  1. Applicants must be personal members of YALSA, although the research project may be undertaken by an individual, an institution, or by a group. Student members are eligible to apply.
  2. The proposed research must be a response to the vision, mission, and research agenda of YALSA, and for the general area of library service to young adults.
  3. Proposals must be submitted online and must include the following:
  • Title
  • Objectives
  • Problem Statement/Questions to be Answered
  • Methodology, including how data will be collected and analyzed.
  • Significance of the project, in light of previous research.
  • Projected timeline (Project should be completed within a 12 to 18 month period, and a report filed with YALSA within six months of completion of the study.)
  • Indicate the way that the money will be used.
  • Brief biographical data on researcher on a separate sheet, with contact information including e-mail, as well as the researcher's ALA membership number.

Selection of the recipient will be made by the Frances Henne Jury and is announced each February. Selection will be based on the criteria indicated above.

Winners are required to write a 500-word summary of their research project within one year of receipt of the grant funds, to be considered for publication by YALSA and/or write a more substantial article for publication for the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults.  ALA/YALSA has the right of first consideration for publication of research results.  

Application & Deadline

Research proposals may be submitted up through December 1 of each year.

Refer requests for information to:

The award was sponsored by VOYA magazine until 2018.


2020 - No winner
2019 - David Wang
2018 - Amelia Anderson and Abigail Phillips
2017 - Sarah Evans
2016 - Deborah Rinio
2015 - Ligaya Scaff
2014 - Crystle Martin
2013 - Rachel McGee
2012 - Sylvia Vardell
2011 - Shannon Crawford Barniskis
2010 - Janet Newsum and Marcia Mardis
2009 - Amy Alessio and Marc Aronson
2008 - Arlene Weber Morales
2007 - Holly Anderton and Karen Brooks-Reese
2006 - Rebecca J. Cohen
2005 - no recipient
2004 - Amy Alessio and Nick Buron
2003 - Kelley McDaniel
2002 - Teri Lesesne
2001 - Patrick Jones
2000 - Kay Bishop and Patricia Bauer
1999 - Sheila B. Anderson and John P. Bradford
1998 - no recipient
1997 - no recipient
1996 - Evie Wilson Lingbloom, Carol Doll and Barbara Carmody
1995 - no recipient
1994 - Kathy Latrobe & Michael Havener (co-recipients)
1993 - no recipient
1992 - Joan Atkinson
1991 - no recipient