YALSA Conference Grants


Baker and Taylor Company funds two grants of $1,000 each are awarded to librarians who work with or for young adults to enable them to attend the Annual Conference for the first time. One grant is given to a school librarian and one grant is given to a librarian whose focus is public libraries. A third grant, the Dorothy Broderick Student Scholarship, is funded by YALSA's Leadership Endowment and is awarded to a graduate student attending the conference for the first time. The winner will recieve $500 up front and must submit receipts following the conference to receive any additional funding. Applications must be submitted online by December 1.

Requirements for Application

  • YALSA personal membership (preferably for at least two years)
  • One to ten years experience working with teenagers (for Baker & Taylor scholarships only)
  • Current enrollment in an ALA accredited graduate school of library & information science (for the Broderick Scholarship only)
  • No previous attendance at an Annual ALA Conference

Listen to a podcast from 2009 winner, Laurie Amster-Burton, about her experience.


  1. All entries must be submitted online.  Baker & Taylor and Dorothy Broderick.
  2. All applicants must be current personal members of ALA/YALSA at the time the application is submitted.  (Please note that it can take up to 10 days to fully process your application for membership.  If you are just joining, please make sure you send a copy of your membership application with the grant application.)
  3. Entries should be models of clarity and completeness.
  4. Questions can be e-mailed to Carla Jamison at cjamison@ala.org or 1.800.545.2433 x 5293
  5. Applications must be submitted no later than December 1 of the current year.

Application & Deadline

The Baker & Taylor application must be submitted online by December 1.

The Dorothy Broderick Scholarship application must be submitted online by December 1.


2020 - Phyllis Magady
2019 - Shira Pilarski and Jill Slay; Student Scholarship: Meagan Kellermann
2018 - Amy Fowler and Cherity Pennington
2017 - Maeve Dodds and Jean Page.Student Scholarship: Sean Gilmartin
2016 - Amy Miller and Samantha Roberts. Student Scholarship: Stacey Shapiro
2015 - Alicia Tate and Lisa Castellano.  Student Scholarship:  Lauren Lancaster
2014 - Jeanette Johnson and Lyndsey Runyan. Student Scholarship: Julia Hutchins
2013 - Abby Harwood and Juanita Kamalipour, Student scholarship:  Lauren Woody
2012 - Heather Schubert and Susan J. Smallsreed
2011 - Yvonne Miller and Sarah Wethern
2010 - Barbara Kinast and Carol Anne Geary
2009 - Laurie Amster-Burton and Kate Toebbe
2008 - Sudi Q. Napalan and Charlene Helsel-Kather
2007 - Christine Beaver and Dana Hutchins
2006 - Felice Piggot
2005 - Sophie Brookover & Tori Jensen
2004 - Robin Brenner & Cathy Nelson
2003 - Laurie Rose & Gregory Lum
2002 - Julie Halpern & Linette Ivanovitch
2001 - no winners
2000 - Elizabeth A. Spearing & Amber Tongate
1999 - Reed Williams
1998 - Shari Fesko
1997 - no winners
1996 - Linda B. Gray & Jennifer M. Baltes