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Upcoming Webinars

September 30, 2021; Thursday, 2PM Eastern
Snack & Chat: YALSA New Strategic Plan and Mission Discussion
Learn more about the future of YALSA and where this organization plans to go in the coming 3 years. Join YALSA's Board on September 30 as they discuss YALSA's new strategic plan and mission and see where you can fit in to help YALSA reach those goals.

October 14, 2021; Thursday, 2PM Eastern
Webinar: Connecting Teens with Technology at the Library!
Marie Harris and Kelly Czarnecki will be discussing their recent publication, Connecting Teens with Technology at the Library. (Rowman and Littlefield). They will discuss how to host a technology program in your library that you may not have tried before. You will also gain ideas for how to set up technology. They will also discuss the benefits and worked involved to sustain a makerspace in the library.  


Contact Carla Jamison at cjamison@ala.org or YALSA Events, YALSAevent@ala.org.

2018 Free YALSA Webinars on the Teen Services Competencies for Library Staff

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