Making the Case

Making the Case

This section contains information about project evaluation, articles and case studies about the Transforming Teen Services frameworks and putting them into practice, and research behind the frameworks. There is also information and resources for getting your administration and other stakeholders on board with doing these trainings and incorporating these frameworks into your teen services approach.

Why Transforming Teen Services? In short:

Impact on Individual staff:

Impact on libraries through trained staff:


The overarching objectives of the Transforming Teen Services: A Train the Trainer Approach (T3) project are to build capacity for teen services in public libraries and increase attention to the importance of teen services at local and state levels through the development of a training model and a national cohort of trained staff from public libraries and state library agencies. The project was proposed for three years (July 2018 through June 2021) but continued on through a no-cost extension to March 2023.

Evaluation of the T3 project included documentation of planned and emergent activities and monitoring progress on the project goals. Primary evaluation questions were structured to yield formative information about progress and offer insights related to IMLS focal areas of interest.

Project evaluation was conducted by Caitlin Martin, CKmartin Consulting. Find project evaluation documents linked below.


T3 one page evaluation summary, 2018-2023

Slide deck: Lessons Learned From the Evaluation, 2018-2023

Executive Summary of T3 Final Evaluation 2023


Case Studies, Projects, Impact Statements

Raise Up Radio, a Connected Learning project from University of North Texas, University of Alabama, Pottsboro (Texas) Area Library and Tuscaloosa (Alabama) Public Library


Caitlin Lyons shares the impact of T3 on staff in her library

Isaiah West shares how Connected Learning has become embedded at his library

Jessica Lynch shares how T3 principles guided her in setting up her Teen Council



Reimagine Libraries project - webinar, articles, field guide


Additional Resources

Why T3? one-pager

Competencies Crosswalk from Rachel West (DE)