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Within 48-hours of a live session, YALSA members receive complimentary access to all archived webinars via Y.E.L.L. (YALSA E-Learning Library). 


Not a YALSA member? Each webinar is $29 for individuals. A group rate is also available for $99 per recording. To guarantee you have access to the most up-to-date content, YALSA limits access to purchased content for 12 months. After that please check with us to see what updates and revised content we have available.

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Webinar Subscription Opportunity for Non-YALSA Members!

Become a YALSA webinar subscriber and gain access to 12 months of YALSA live webinars and all webinar archives. (YALSA members will continue to have full access to live webinar sessions and all recordings. as a part of association membership.)

Subscribe now and access YALSA's live webinars for a one-year period. Subscriptions can start at any time during the year and are annual based.

Subscription prices are:
$59 for individuals for 12 months of webinars
$129 for group subscriptions for 12 months of webinars

For more information on pricing for state library agencies, as well as general subscription pricing, contact Tammy Dillard-Steels, tdillard@ala.org or YALSA Projects, yalsaprojects@ala.org.

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For more information on YALSA's continuing education program contact Tammy Dillard-Steels, tdillard@ala.org or YALSA Projects, YALSAprojects@ala.org.