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2022 Webinars 

January 2022: Planning an Impactful and Engaging Earth Day Program 
February 2022: How to Make Poetry Exciting and Relevant for Teens 
March 2022: Rebuilding Teen Capital through Programming 
April 2022: Utilizing Edelweiss Tools to their Full Potential 
May 2022: Through the Plexi Glass
June 2022: The Library’s Role in Developing Healthy Habits
July 2022: No YALSA webinar 
August 2022: How Libraries Can Grow Voters
September 2022: Preparing Yourself for YA Book Challenges
October 2022: No Shushing Required: Fun Library Activities
November 2022: Advocate for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

2021 Webinars

January 2021: How to Engage and Program for LGBTQ+ Youth - Buy this Recording
February 2021: Curating Comics Collections with YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens - Buy this Recording
March 2021: Gather Your Peeps - YALSA Interest Groups - Buy this Recording
April 2021: Teen Mental Health - In Their Own WordsBuy this Recording
May 2021: Serving on a YALSA Selection List CommitteeBuy this Recording
June 2021: Spring Showcase - Champions of ChangeBuy this Recording
August 2021: Write on, Teens! Hosting a Teen Writing Contest at Your LibraryBuy this Recording
September 2021: Top Strategies for Marketing Your LibraryBuy this Recording
October 2021: Connecting Teens with Technology at the Library - Buy this Recording
November 2021: A Sleuth at Work: Seeking answers and unearthing details of an old family story - Buy this Recording

Starting in December 2021, all recorded webinars are now on ALA's e-learning site for purchase. 
December 2021: Modern Arab Literature and The Western Audience

2020 Webinars

January 2020: How to Engage Teens Through Family Programming - Buy this Recording
February 2020: Engaging Teens in the 2020 Census - Buy this Recording
March 2020: Cultivating Voice Through Youth Leadership Programs - Buy this Recording
April 2020: Teen Hackathon: Creativity, Collaboration, and Competition - Buy this Recording
May 2020: Building a Strong Teen Nonfiction Collection - Buy this Recording
June 2020: Strategies to Increase Adult Book Titles for Teens - Buy this Recording
July 2020: Identifying the Best Fit Audiobooks for Your Teens - Buy this Recording
August 2020: School Librarians and School Counselors: Computing Together - Buy this Recording 
September 2020: Virtual Dungeons and Dragons: A Virtual How-To Guide - Buy this Recording
October 2020: Navigating Post-Secondary Readiness in the Time of COVID-19 - Buy this Recording
November 2020: Engaging with Teens via Social Media: Two Methods, One Goal - Buy this Recording
December 2020: Serving the Public and Self-Care During Difficult Times - Buy this Recording

2019 Webinars

January 2019: Everyday Disabilities: Welcoming Teens with Disabilities - Buy this Recording
February 2019: Providing Equitable Access for All Teens @ Your Library - Buy this Recording
March 2019: Teens, Social Justice, & Difficult Conversations - Buy this Recording
April 2019: What Does it Take to be Career Ready? - Buy this Recording
May 2019: Learn2Discern: Media Literacy for Teens Through Libraries - Buy this Recording
June 2019: Building Middle School Futures - Buy this Recording
July 2019: Equity Through Teen Service Learning - Buy this Recording
August 2019: The Resilient Librarian: Breaking the Self-Care Code Buy this Recording
October 2019: Creating Community and Amplifying Youth Voice - Buy this Recording
November 2019: Computational Thinking through Games and PuzzlesBuy this Recording
December 2019: Learning Circles for Staff, for Teens, and for the CommunityBuy this Recording

2018 Webinars

December 2018: Continuous Learning: Free access to members and non-members
November 2018: Outcomes & Assessment:  Free access to members and non-members
October 2018: Equity of Access: Free access to members and non-members
September 2018: Cultural  Competence and Responsiveness: Free access to members and non-members
August 2018: Community & Family EngagementFree access to members and non-members
July 2018: Youth Engagement and Leadership - Free access to members and non-members
June 2018: Learning ExperiencesFree access for members and non-members
May 2018: Learning Environments - Free access for members and non-members
April 2018: Interactions with Teens - Free access for members and non-members
March 2018:  Teen Growth and Development - Free access for members and non-members
February  2018: Seattle Youth CAN - A Collaborative Model for Teen LeadershipBuy this Recording
January 2018: Acknowledging the Elephant in the Library: Making Implicit Biases Explicit - Buy this Recording

2017 Webinars

December 2017: Community Partnerships for Teen SuccessBuy this Recording
November 2017: Creativity in LeadershipBuy this Recording
October 2017: Working Together: Youth Adult Partnerships to Enhance Youth Voice - Buy this Recording
September 2017: No Hammer Required: Breaking Down Barriers Between Teens and Library Staff - Buy this Recording
August 2017: Finding Federal Funding for Creative Youth Development ActivitiesBuy this Recording
July 2017:  Creative Youth Development and the Humanities - Buy this Recording
June 2017:- What is Creative Youth DevelopmentBuy this Recording
May 2017: Repair the Harm: Restorative Approaches to Behavior ManagementBuy this Recording
April 2017: Building Their Own World: Teen Driven Community Engagement Buy this Recording
March 2017: STEM Impact Through Youth Voice - Buy this Recording
February 2017: Using Media Literacy to Stop the Fake News Cycle - Buy this Recording
January 2017: Let's Keep it Real - Library Staff Helping Teens Examine Issues of Social Justice, Equity, and Race - Buy this Recording

2016 Webinars

December 2016: What do you Want to Do Here: Designing Teen Library Spaces - Buy this Recording
November 2016: Making the Transition from Summer Reading to Summer Learning - Buy this Recording
October 2016: Coding, Learning, and Libraries - Buy this Recording
September 2016: Supporting Teen Success Through School Library Partnerships - Buy this Recording
August 2016: Connecting Teens to Mental Health Support and Resources - Buy this Recording
July 2016: Connecting Teens and Community Inside and Outside the Library - Buy this Recording
June 2016: Content Creation Tools for You and Your Teens - Buy this Recording
May 2016: Collecting and Vetting Digital Content - Buy this Recording
April 2016: Connecting with Immigrant and Refugee Youth - Buy this Recording
March 2016: Partner with a Local Museum to Reach More Teens - Buy this Recording
February 2016: The Leap from Summer Reading to Summer Learning - Buy this Recording
January 2016: What I Stopped Doing - Improving Service to Youth - Buy this Recording

2015 Webinars

December 2015: Life Hacks 101 - Preparing Teens for Adulthood - Buy this Recording
November 2015: Teen Program Development - Making it About Teens First - Buy this Recording
October 2015: Community Collaborations - School and Library Partnerships - Buy this Recording
September 2015: Commence Learning - College Readiness Programs - Buy this Recording
August 2015: Identifying and Serving Youth Experiencing Homelessness - Buy this Recording
July 2015: Remote Does Not Mean Isolated - Buy this Recording
June 2015: Cultural Competence in the Library - Buy this Recording
May 2015: Navigating the Tides of Teen Behavior - Buy this Recording
April 2015: Teen Services Programming - Opportunities and Outcomes - Buy this Recording
March 2015: Teen Services Programming Guidelines - Buy this Recording
February 2015: Library Policy Tune-Up - Are Yours Teen Friendly - Buy this Recording
January 2015: One Year Check In Changes in Libraries - Buy this Recording