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I. Leadership and Professionalism

Digital Badges: Show What You Know to Your Boss or Potential Employer (March 2014)

Erin Knight discusses digital badges: what they are; how they are more than just an "image" but in reality track valuable information about your skills and accomplishments; how/why they can play an important role in your workplace learning environment and the ways in which they are being used in libraries - for the benefit of patrons and library staff alike.

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Getting Involved in YALSA (March 2010)

Interested in writing for the YALSA blog, or want to start up an interest group? Join Linda Braun, 2009 - 2010 YALSA President, as she discusses the various ways to participate in YALSA, and how doing so can help your daily work and career development.

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Job Hunting Simplified: Tips and Tricks to Finding Your Dream Job!  (April 2011)

Tackling the job search process can be a daunting task so let YALSA help! Join Courtney Young for a discussion of practical job hunting tips for new graduates and early career librarians. Courtney will walk participants through the job application process from start to finish. Participants will learn tips on where to look for job postings, how to write an effective cover letter and resume and how to choose suitable references. Participants will also learn how to use social media to help their job search and how to start building their professional network.

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Soft Serve: Using Soft Skills to Enhance Communication with Colleagues and Improve Service to Teens (November 2014)

Teen librarians are passionate about serving teens and often we can't understand why our colleagues and managers don't “get-it” when it comes to teen services. This webinar will help teen services librarians deliver a positive teen service message to colleagues, managers and administrators with the goal of cultivating a teen-friendly service landscape. Learn strategies that you can employ for tackling common situations with even the most ‘teen resistant’ colleagues – and all without alienating themselves in the process.

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The YA Librarian of Many Hats (March 2011)

Being a YA librarian is a multifaceted job! Today librarians are challenged in all areas of the library ranging from budgeting to collection development to working with social issues of teens. Join Mary Hastler, director of the Harford County Public Library in Maryland, to learn how to balance the many hats of a YA librarian. Mary has worked in many different library settings ranging from working in a large urban system to now directing a library with more than 11 branches in a suburban, rural setting. She will share her knowledge of how to balance the hats of readers advisory, collection development, budgeting, teen social issues and programming.

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II. Knowledge of Client Group

Cultural Competence in the Library  (June 2015)

Join Amita Lonial for a discussion regarding cultural competence: what it is, what it means to actively practice cultural competence in a library setting and how to do so, and the difference between cultural awareness and cultural competency.

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Identifying and Serving Homeless Youth  (August 2015)

By learning more about the characteristics of youth experiencing homelessness in your community, library workers can more effectively provide the assistance they need. Instead of asking them to come to you, venture beyond the four walls of your library and meet teens where they are! Through a social worker and librarian perspective, this on-demand webinar will allow listeners to gain an understanding of how to recognize the needs of youth experiencing homelessness and how to work with community partners to alleviate these challenges. 

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Managing the Swarm: Teen Behavior in the Library and Strategies for Success  (April 2012)

When teens flood into the library, anything can happen. People often think of the library as a “safe space” but sometimes chaos reigns, rather than order! By setting the right tone with regulars, establishing appropriate boundaries, and equitably addressing problem behaviors, you can create a teen space that is consistently welcoming. Learn how to create a dialogue with patrons who engage in distracting or dangerous behavior in the library, address concerns of adult patrons, and create rewards for teens who improve or maintain a positive presence in your space.

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Navigating the Tides of Teen Behavior (May 2015)

To some, teens are a mystery, and their behavior in the library equally so. Join Jessica Hilbun as she clears up misconceptions that exist about why teens do what they do. In this webinar, you’ll not only receive tips and strategies for addressing teen behavior in the library, but you’ll also learn how you can serve as an advocate for your teen patrons, helping other library staff navigate the tides of teen behavior.

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Reaching Reluctant Readers (December 2012)

Reaching those who don’t have an interest in reading is a challenge for any librarian or library staff worker. Join Heather Gruenthal for a discussion on reaching reluctant readers. Heather will share her tips on introducing reader to books including reading displays, genre lists, gateway books, Just like Me books and programming with book hooks. Join us for this discussion!

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Ready, Set, Go! 30 Ways to Reach Reluctant Readers in 60 Minutes (September 2010)

Jen Hubert Swan, author of Reading Rants! the popular book review blog for teens offers up 30 quick tips for connecting with reluctant readers in 60 minutes. Get display, booktalk and contest ideas and find out what "Roaming Bookmarks" and "Brown Bag Books" are all about. Participants will come away with some great ideas to kick start their programs and collections and help brainstorm some more.

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Serving LGBTQ Teens (February 2012)

LGBTQ teens experience marginalization on a daily basis. Navigating the transition from childhood to adulthood can be challenging enough, but for teens that identify as LGBTQ, adolescence can be an especially difficult time. For many LGBTQ teens the library is a critical resource to help them explore their questions in a safe environment. Join Megan Honig for a look into inside library services to LGBTQ teens. Megan will explore who LGBTQ teens are and will discuss the broad range of experiences among LGBTQ teens.  She’ll discuss what needs LGBTQ teens bring to the library and how the library can meet those needs through collection development, programming and advocacy.  Megan will also address how to manage staff and patron concerns. Participants will learn to identify the common information needs of LGBTQ teens and how to develop strategies for supporting LGBTQ teens’ safety and well-being in library spaces. This webinar addresses three areas of the YALSA Competencies, Knowledge of client group, Knowledge of materials and Services

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Welcoming Spaces: Serving Patrons with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) (August 2014)

Today’s autism rates are 20 times higher than in the 1980s. This increase has profoundly changed who we serve in libraries. Library staff aren’t always aware of those on the autism spectrum, which can make serving this population a challenge. In this session, Linda Braun and Renee McGrath will provide library staff with specifics on understanding autism; tips on providing the best customer service; specific programming examples, and will also introduce emerging technologies.

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III. Communication, Marketing & Outreach

Community Collaborations: School and Public Library Partnerships (October 2015)

After the school day ends, teens still need programs and support systems that encourage the development of skills and interests. When public and school libraries collaborate, both teens and libraries benefit from it! This webinar addresses such questions as: Where do I start in reaching out to my library counterpart? What does my colleague's day look like? How can we find time to coordinate activities? What types of programs naturally provide partnership opportunities? What challenges might I experience in trying to establish a partnership with my local public/school library?

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Cultural Competence in the Library (June 2015)

The U.S. teen population has diversified significantly since 2000, and with it, the communities we serve in our libraries. Join Amita Lonial as she discusses cultural competence in the library: its definition, its impact on behaviors, attitudes, and policies; and how essential it is for library staff to develop these skills in order to serve teens more effectively and work more collaboratively with fellow library staff.

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Everyone Can Advocate! Teen Services Advisory Benchmarks (May 2014)

If you ask five individuals what their definition of "advocacy" is, you may receive five different answers!  Join Sarah Kepple and Rachel McDonald as they discuss the YALSA Teen Services Advocacy Benchmarks that have been developed over the past year, and how these benchmarks will help guide your continued efforts to advocate for teen services.

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It's Fun to Partner with Y-M-C-A!  (December 2014)

Just as every library is unique to its community, so is every YMCA. Frederick Riley discusses how libraries can develop partnerships with local YMCAs to meet teens' needs using new, creative, and unexpected strategies.

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"Remote" Not "Isolated": Using Library-Partnership Connections to Revitalize Your Community Outreach (July 2015)

Join Amy Marshall for an engaging webinar on how even small libraries can create a huge impact on their communities. Serving as Director of the Craig Public Library, one of ten recipients of the 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, Amy and her staff were responsible for implementing programs and services that exemplified library outreach and created lasting connections between the library and its patrons. In this webinar, Amy will share strategies with participants that they can then immediately take back to their own libraries and communities and put into action!

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Teen Services Amplified! with Everyday Advocacy (November 2013)

Investing in teen services isn’t just good for teens; it’s good for libraries and for communities. But sometimes we don’t know how to get started making the case for teen services, or we’re not sure what we can do. Fortunately, we’re not alone—we have each other and we have resources like YALSA’s Advocacy Toolkit to help us amplify our message. In this webinar, participants will learn how to: Incorporate advocacy into everything they do; find tips, messages, facts, and strategies to help them advocate for teens; demonstrate the value of their programs and services; and use YALSA’s Advocacy Toolkit and other YALSA resources for advocacy.

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VIPs: Why You Need Them for Advocacy  (May 2010)

In this webinar, presented by Karen Keys, we explore how librarians and library workers can help grow their library program by improving communication and developing professional relationships with local town councilors, school board members, Chamber of Commerce members, etc. These folks are the movers and shakers in your community and it’s important that you reach out to them regularly and educate them about the critical role libraries play in helping your community thrive.  Cultivating relationships to help your library meet its mission is critically important in the current economic climate, so join YALSA for this important discussion!

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IV. Administration

Back to Basics: Updated Guidelines for Everyday Service to 21st Century Teens (April 2010)

The current generation of teens is the most ethnically diverse and technologically plugged in ever.  Is your library ready to serve them?  YALSA’s Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth play a key role in everyday service to young adult patrons. Host: Sarah Flowers, author of Young Adults Deserve the Best: Putting YALSA's Competencies into Action (ALA Editions, 2010).

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Best Practices in Teen Space Design (May 2011)

Looking for ways to spruce up your existing teen space? Or are you moving into a new building and need to redesign or plan something new? Join Kim Bolan Cullin as she discusses the latest in teen space planning and implementation. Participants will learn the nuts and bolts of basic teen space design including actively engaging teens throughout the process, incorporating their ideas, and maintaining ongoing involvement. Kim will also discuss the latest teen space trends including planning tools, layout, décor, digital creativity and interactivity, collaborative spaces and more. .

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Capturing the Kapow! Transform Your Teen Spaces to Transform Your Teens (October 2014)

In this webinar, led by interior designer and library visionary Margaret Sullivan, you will learn how to design spaces to create positive environments for teen services to flourish! Whether for a YOUMedia-based learning center, a high-tech teen learning lab, a Maker Space, an afterschool homework help center or simply a dedicated living room for teens, you will discover real-world and real-budget approaches to create environments to engage a happy and health community of teens and enhance teen services in your library. With the release of The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: A Call to Action, dedicating an area designed for teens (and even by teens) can be a critical step in achieving many of the goals outlined in the report. Takeaways for all sizes of libraries and budgets are shared!

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Fencing Out Knowledge: The Impact of CIPA 10 Years Later and What It Means To You (September 2014)

Passed in 2000, CIPA was designed to block adults and minors from accessing online images deemed “obscene", “child pornography”, or “harmful to minors” for minors less than 17 years old under the law by requiring public libraries and schools receiving certain federal funding to install software filters on their internet-accessible computers. The use of the internet is vastly different today than in 2003 when the constitutionality of CIPA was upheld. The internet and devices used to access online content have revolutionized learning opportunities in and out of school. Join Deborah Caldwell-Stone from ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF) as she discusses how ALA's Office for Information Technology (OITP) and OIF,  with support from Google, Inc., investigated the effects of internet filtering in public libraries and schools, the effectiveness of CIPA as a policy solution, and what it all means for YALSA members today who are working on the front lines.

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Keeping Your Library & Your Teen Patrons Protected: Legal Considerations in Teen Services (December 2013)

Join Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Pat Scales, and Kristin Pekoll as they discuss legal considerations that librarians and other library workers encounter every day in teen services. Topics for discussion will include reporting responsibilities, managing teen behavior and maintaining appropriate relationships with teen patrons, and minors’ rights in the library.

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Library Policy Tune-Up: Are Yours Teen Friendly? (February 2015)

Library policies allow staff to offer services and programs in a safe and welcoming environment; however, when was the last time your library’s policies were given a tune-up? Is it possible that they are inadvertently prohibitive to teen patrons? This webinar provides you with suggestions on how you can evaluate your library’s policies and ensure that the patrons of all ages are welcome!

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One Year Check-In: Changes in Libraries since the Futures Report (January 2015)

It’s been one year since YALSA’s The Future of Library Services for and with Teens report was released. What kinds of changes has the report inspired in your library? What challenges has your library faced in implementing change? Listen in on this webinar as Frances Jacobson Harris facilitates a discussion of the successes and challenges that your colleagues have experienced in their libraries.

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Teen Spaces on a Dime (November 2012)

Large or small, bright and colorful or muted and calm, teen spaces are a critical part of the library, but for many library on a tight budget, creating a teen space can be a challenge. Join Katherine Trouren Trend for a discussion on how to create an inviting teen space with the resources available in your today. Katherine will discuss how participants can make use of their current resources and work with their teens to build a flexible and dynamic physical space for teens.

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Tweet, Like, Link: Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Library (September 2011)

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or a blog presence that you use to connect with teens in your community?  Do you have a social media policy that outlines use of social tools by you and members of your community? If you are just getting started with social media in your teen services, or if you've been using these tools for quite awhile, a social media policy is a key ingredient for success. In this webinar you'll learn what a social media policy is, why it's important to have one, what the policy should include, how the policy can help you support teens, and how you can use the policy as an advocacy tool. This webinar was presented by Linda Braun, an Educational Technology Consultant for Libraries and Educators Online.  This is the second in a two-part series that explores social media in the library. Part one of this series, “From 140 Characters to 10 Pages: Teens, Social Media and Information Literacy” took place in August was presented by Laura Pearle.

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What's Next for Teen Services? (January 2014)

The report was released on Jan. 6, and now it's time to discuss what it means for you, your library, the teens in your community, and the work you do! This webinar features a forum on the future of teen services and how libraries can adapt to meet the needs of teens.  Linda Braun, Maureen Hartman, Sandra Hughes-Hassell, and Kafi Kumasi discuss highlights of the recently released report, written as part of this year’s National Forum on Libraries and Teens.

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V.Knowledge of Materials

Around the World in 60 Books (September 2013)

It may have taken Phileas Fogg 80 days in the late 1800s to travel around the world in Jules Verne’s "Around the World in 80 Days", but you can do it in 60 minutes! Join YALSA on its September 19th webinar, “Around the World in 60 Books”. Pick up your passport and join tour guide Pam Spencer Holley as we travel together via booktalk from Afghanistan to Iraq, Kenya, England, and places in between.

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Back to the Facts: YA Nonfiction (August 2010)

Angela Carstensen, 2010 Chair of the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults, led this discussion of YA nonfiction. Participants learned how to collect and evaluate YA nonfiction, where to find reviews, and blogs, authors and publishers to watch. They also receive a rubric for evaluating YA nonfiction. Angela highlighted recent award-winning and other excellent nonfiction titles and will discuss how the development of ebooks might affect the future of nonfiction.

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Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Talking Sex and Sexuality with Teens  (July 2012)

Teens may know the basics about the birds and the bees, but their questions certainly don’t stop there!  Libraries play a critical role in helping teens safely explore their questions about sex and sexuality, but talking about these issues with teens can be challenging.  Presenter, mk Eagle will share a wide range of both fiction and nonfiction YA titles that teens and librarians can use to broach the topic of sex and sexuality. In this webinar, library workers who serve teens will learn how to crack the code when teens ask for books about sex. In addition, participants will learn tips for how to approach conversations with teens about sex and sexuality, and how to make the library a safe space for everyone.

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Book Blitz! 45 Must Know YA Titles in 60 Minutes (May 2012)

Summer Reading is around the corner and time is at a premium, so join us for this snappy look at 45 “must know” fiction and non-fiction YA titles released in 2012. Presenter, Shauna Yusko will highlight Series & Sequels, Not to Miss Non-Fiction, New Books by Big Name Authors, Quiet Gems, and Middle School appropriate titles. Participants in this webinar will: learn about new “must have” YA titles to recommend to teens in your library/classroom, and identify Summer Reading suggestions across genres. This webinar addresses YALSA Competencies Area V: Knowledge of Materials and Area VI: Access to Information

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Book Blitz II ! 45 Must Know YA Titles in 60 Minutes (October 2012)

Back by popular demand! Join Shauna Yusko for a look at 45 “Must Know” fiction and nonfiction YA titles released in the second half of 2012. Shauna will highlight Series & Sequels, Not to Miss Non-Fiction, New Books by Big Name Authors, Quiet Gems, and Middle School appropriate titles. Participants in this webinar will: learn about new “must have” YA titles to recommend to teens in your library and/or classroom.  This webinar addresses YALSA Competencies Area V: Knowledge of Materials and Area VI: Access to Information.

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Book-talking the Best of the Best: 2014 Book Awards (February 2014)

Alicia Blowers offers you a book-talking blitz as she highlights the nominees and winners of the 2014 book awards. With over 60 books featured in this webinar, you're sure to find plenty of gems for your collection!

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Building Blocks for a Diverse Library Collection (August 2013)

Today’s teens make up the most diverse generation in our history—are you ready for them?  With challenges including parent complaints, contending with user demand, and maintaining a nuanced and diverse collection, we know that collection building can be a complicated and even daunting feat for any young adult librarian. But what does it mean to have a "diverse" collection, and what role does the community play in young adult collection building? Join YALSA for a discussion on how to build a diverse young adult collection. Presenter Chelsea Condren will provide a working definition of the term diversity, strategies for understanding user demand and interest, and ways to ensure a collection is diverse while still meeting the needs of the population. Participants will receive a handout that outlines strategies for collection building/management, selection and weeding of diverse titles, as well as a list of recommended materials.

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Finding a Place on the Shelf: The Middle School Library and the YALSA Book Awards (March 2012)

The middle school librarian faces the unique challenge of building a collection that is appropriate for both teens and tweens.  In light of the 2012 YALSA book award announcements, what winners and honor books have middle school appeal? Join Megan Fink, for a discussion of the YALSA award winners and honorees and their placement on the middle school bookshelf. Megan will discuss the winner and honor books of the Printz, Morris, Nonfiction and Edwards Awards. She’ll also suggest criteria to use when evaluating these books for inclusion in a middle school library. Megan will lead a roundtable discussion regarding selection versus self-censorship when evaluating the award winners and honorees.. Participants should come ready to share one past YALSA award winner or honoree that they have chosen to include, or not include in their library. This webinar will address YALSA Competencies Areas: Knowledge of Client Group, Knowledge of Materials, and Administration.

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Graphic Novels and Tween Readers (December 2011)

Graphic novels appeal to a wide variety of people. Artistic illustration and strong storylines make them irresistible but their often “adult” themes may present a unique challenge for librarians and their tween readers.Tweens are in reader limbo. Parents still have concerns about content and library administration may be unsure of the best place for graphic novels to be located in the collection. This “inbeTween” make building and marketing a graphic novel collection to tweens more difficult for librarians, but by no means impossible. Join YALSA for a discussion on how to build a great graphic novel collection for your readers. In this webinar, participants will learn how to find “age-appropriate” graphic novels for their tween readers. Presenter Robin Brenner discusses  the criteria for rating this genre for age groups and how the saavy librarian is able to demystify  the variety of ratings that exist. Robin also touches on where to shelve graphic novels in a library’s collection. Participants will receive a core list of available tween-targeted graphic novels as well as some up and coming titles. This webinar addresses three areas of the YALSA Competencies: Knowledge of Client Group, Knowledge of Materials and Access to Information.

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Journey into the Darkness: Summer Reading Programs (January 2012)

Summertime: three carefree months of no school, no homework, long days and warm nights. Summer is an important time to keep teens reading, and there is no better way to do that than through an innovative summer reading program. Although temperatures are in still in the 30s for most of the country, the time to start planning summer reading is now! With three carefree months of no school, no homework, long days and warm nights,  the Summer is the perfect time to get teens reading! Join Charli Osborne for a discussion of books and programming ideas to help you and your teen readers “Own the Night” this summer. From vampires to dystopias to ghost hunting and astronomy, participants will gain ideas for genre-based reading lists that are sure to have teen-appeal.  Each night-themed reading list will be accompanied by a programming idea.  From low-maintenance passive programming, to easy game-show ideas to an extensive book-themed lock-in, there is a program for every library and every budget. This webinar addresses three areas of the YALSA Competencies: Communication, marketing and outreach,Knowledge of materials, and Services

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Street Smart: Serving Teen Street Lit Readers (June 2011)

Whether your teen population is urban, suburban or rural, they’re talking about street lit. What is this genre and how can you incorporate it into your library? Join Megan Honig, author of Urban Grit: A Guide to Street Lit, for a conversation about street lit. Megan will discuss how to use street lit and why it is important to incorporate it into your library’s collection. Participants will also receive a list of street lit resources.

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Thinking Outside the Book to Serve Your Teen Patrons' Needs (July 2014)

Libraries provide a crucial service in meeting the educational, recreational, and developmental needs of their teen patrons, with collections that are more rich and diverse than just the books in it. In this webinar, Amy Pattee discusses ways in which you can highlight the overlooked resources in your collection and match them with your teen patrons’ interests. You will also learn about unexpected items that you can add to your collection in order to create broader appeal and “think outside the book”

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We Go Together: Pairing the Latest Nonfiction for Teens with Fiction Titles (November 2013)

Nonfiction--it's not just for research anymore! Join Shauna Yusko for a fun-filled webinar focused on the latest and greatest nonfiction for teens (& tweens). Participants will get a look at recent “must know” nonfiction titles to recommend in the library/classroom, as well as fiction titles to pair with each book. Participants will receive a foundation for recommending and book-talking nonfiction to teens.

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YA Classics (June 2010)

Sarah Debraski, YALSA past president, led this discussion of YA classics. Sarah highlighted YA novels from 1951 -2003, discussing their themes and issues and how YA librarians can connect teens with these classics. Participants received a list of 25 go-to titles that they can use for readers advisory or to add to their collection.

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VI. Access to Information

Apps Apps Everywhere (January 2013)

What apps should youth librarians be using and why? How can we coordinate smartphones and technology into programming, and readers’ advisory? Join tech guru Erin Daly to learn all about the world of apps in libraries. Attendees will uncover the best apps for use in their library plus a rundown of apps recommended for teens and tweens!

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From 140 Characters to 10 Pages: Teens, Social Media, and Information Literacy (August 2011)

Social media has altered the information landscape by expanding the flow of information from books, newspapers and journals to instant reports from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. From live video feeds of protests around the world, to regular updates from favorite YA authors via Twitter and Facebook, teens are regularly engaging with a broad spectrum of information. How can librarians help teens navigate through these information streams and learn to separate the wheat from the chaff? Host Laura Pearle will explore ways in which you can help your teens locate appropriate material in social media streams as well as determine the validity of the source material. Participants will learn how to create research focused Twitter hash tag lists for their students and how to assist their students in citing information from social media sources. Laura will also discuss how librarians can help teens become good digital citizens when contributing to social media streams.  Join us for this important discussion! This is the first in a two-part series that explores social media in the library. Part Two is a webinar on social media policy presented by Linda Braun.

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Going Mobile: Teens, Libraries and Cell Phones (November 2010)

Teens are using cell phones more than ever. From accessing the Internet, to texting, to listening to music, to making the occasional phone call, cell phones have become a staple in the life of the modern teen. What does this mean for libraries, and how can librarians use cell phones to connect with their teens? Join Jennifer Velasquez, Teen Services Coordinator at the San Antonio Public Library for a discussion of the demographics of teen cell phone users and how libraries can build programs and create collaborative learning opportunities to engage their teens via mobile phones.

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I'm Tweeting on the Inside: A Case Study in Small-Scale Social Media (June 2013)

Social media has proven itself as a powerful tool for connecting with your library patrons and building a sense of community. But what if you're not able to use it to promote your library? Maybe your supervisor isn't a fan of Twitter, or the library board isn't sold on the value of a Facebook page. This webinar presents a case study of how librarians who can't promote using social media at their libraries can still utilize it to make a difference and connect with their library communities.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to use social media to:

  • connect with other librarians and share information and programming ideas
  • create a brand for yourself among your patrons and professional community
  • use what social media you have access to to connect with your teens

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Reading Unbound: E-Readers and Your Library (July 2011)

For many teens, reading isn’t confined to the printed page as more devices support a variety of applications and other access mechanisms for connecting teens with a range of content. Led by Wendy Stephens, this webinar will address strategies for librarians providing access to both free and subscription-based texts and technical and logistical support for teens reading on the screen, be it a computer, mobile device, or dedicated e-reader. Youth services professionals will consider ways to maximize the e-reading experience, experiment with free resources, and bridge the digital divide with lowest-common denominator file formats.

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Tech 4 U: Technology Programs for Every User (January 2011)

Animoto, VoiceThread, Comic Creator, Toondoo, Storybird—what are these strange names? They are all fun, easy-to-use web applications that can be tailored to suit any program for teens. Whether you feel comfortable delving into technology or you would like to do more but are unsure where to begin, this webinar will give you the tools to find and use technology that will entertain and teach your young adult patrons. Megan Fink, middle school librarian and advisor at the Charlotte Country Day School, will discuss web-based applications that can suit any special event, after school program or educational lesson. Our Tech 4 U webinar puts you in the driver’s seat to enjoyable technology programming.

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What Is That Thing? Making QR Codes Work for Your Library (October 2011)

They’re in catalogs, on advertisements at the bus stop, and on the tags of the begonias at your local flower shop; a blocky black and white square that is popping up everywhere. What are these things and what is their purpose?  Join Jennifer Velasquez, Teen Services Librarian at the San Antonio Public Library, for a discussion of QR codes.   Learn how any librarian, from the tech-novice to the tech-guru, can start using QR codes in the library at no cost. Jennifer will explain how QR codes work and will share sites where librarians can quickly and easily create their own QR Codes for free!  Jennifer will share ideas and techniques on how librarians can immediately incorporate the use of QR codes into their existing library programs, and create new programs using QR codes.  Participants will learn how to affectively use QR codes to present and market programming at their library, and how QR codes can be used to build bridges between teen created content and print and digital material in the library.

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VII. Services

Catapult Your Teens into a Summer of Learning (April 2014)

Catapult your teens into a summer of learning! Participants in the webinar will hear about the maker movement and learn how to incorporate inexpensive and active learning activities into their summer programs for teens. They will also learn about best practices for engaging teens to read, discover, and create throughout the summer by activating their spaces and developing teen-directed and -driven environments. Erica Compton and Robin Willard share concrete ways to expand beyond traditional Summer Reading programming and catapult teens into a summer of learning.

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Commence Learning! Prepping for College Readiness Library Programming and Services (September 2015)

As a library worker, you’re in a prime position to help your teen patrons prepare for a journey into higher education. Join Wendy Stephens as she shares strategies and resources that you can use to develop college readiness programming centered around topics such as college applications, financial aid and scholarships, and vocational schools. Learn about additional college readiness support systems that exist within the community, and how you can link your teens’ parents up with them!

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Critics' Choice: Programming Ideas for Older Teens (July 2013)

Teens are one of the toughest populations to reach, and older teens present their own special challenges. How do we reach out to young adults that think they’ve done it all, seen it all, and know it all?  We librarians have a unique and amazing opportunity to connect with older teens, show them that we’re listening, and create engaging programs for them.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to:
  • Recognize the needs of their older teen patrons
  • Use topics and events that consume so much of older teens’ lives (like jobs, schoolwork, SATs, college, sports, arts, and pop culture) to develop programming that’s relevant to them.
  • Examine strategies that have been used and are currently being used to reach and include older teens.

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Do More with Less: Passive Programs (October 2010)

Keeping up programming in the face of budget cuts and staff reductions are challenges school and public librarians across the country are facing. Gregory Lum, Library Director at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon and Sarah Ludwig, past Head of Teen and Technology Services at Darien Public Library in Darien, Connecticut and current Academic Technology Coordinator at Hamden Hall Country Day School led a conversation on budget friendly passive programs. Gregory and Sarah discussed how school and public librarians can plan, design and implement passive programs for their library. Participants in this webinar will learn about passive program ideas and how to turn passive programs into low-cost active programs. Program ideas discussed during the webinar will be posted to a wiki where participants can continue to discuss and share ideas.

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Easy-to-Implement Teen Programs (April 2013)

Serving multiple libraries, or need a quick solution to implement with a large teen crowd? This webinar will provide attendees with on-the-go, “program in a box” ideas and templates. Webinar facilitator Mike Buono will cover simple science and technology programs, arts and crafts ideas, tips for adding educational components to traditional library gaming programs, and more. Participants will leave with ideas for short, easy-to-implement programs that will snag their audience and that will help build the value of their library’s teen services program.

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Gear Up for Summer Reading (December 2010)

Trying to decide on a summer reading theme? Looking for a different way to structure your summer reading program?  Join Shari Fesko, Teen Services Librarian at Southfield Public Library, for a discussion on summer reading programming events and promotion. Participants will learn about programs that range from the performing arts, to cooking to crafting to competitive events. Shari will discuss outreach she has done for her summer reading programs and ways you can promote your summer reading program.

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Get Crafty for Less (August 2012)

Crafts are some of the most popular library programs but they can be expensive! With the right tricks, a little glue, some scissors, a little bit of money and a lot of innovation – you can create a successful crafts program for your library.  Join Elizabeth Saxton for a discussion of crafting on the cheap and learn trips and tricks for inexpensive crafts programs. Saxton will share ideas for jewelry crafts, recycled materials crafts and book-making projects. All craft ideas presented will be $20 or under.

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Helping Youth Transition from Children's to Teen Services (May 2013)

Teen services librarians have a challenging role in trying to provide space and programming that meets the diverse needs of their patrons. How do you bridge the gap between tweens and teens? Join Jason Lamb, Tween Librarian for the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, as he shows you ways to change your space and programs to appeal to tweens, and provides reading recommendations for tweens transitioning to teen services. Discussion topics on this webinar will include:

  • Tween-friendly space
  • Tween programming
  • Reading recommendations for the tween to teen transition
    1. From tween lit to teen lit.
    2. From teen lit to tween lit.

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Homework Help Programs (February 2011)

From hungry dogs to alien abductions to corrupted flash drives, the list of excuses for missed homework assignments is never ending. Help your teens get a head start on their homework by hosting a homework help program at your library. Join Mari Hardacre as she discusses both in-person and online homework help programs, including fee-based and free services. Learn how to get teens involved in the program through outreach and partnerships and learn tips for marketing your program.  Look into the future with us as we discuss where homework help programs are headed and what role social media may play in the future.

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Innovative Teen Programming from $10 to $10,000 (November 2011)

Build it out and blow it up! From smaller, community room-based programs to city wide initiatives, find out how you can launch innovative programming tailored to fit your audience and budget. Learn how to initiate cool, low-cost pilot projects or scale up smaller programs into super big events that support your teens’ interests and needs. In this webinar you’ll hear how a Teen Advisory Group idea morphed into a full-scale citywide prom, how a patch of concrete turned into an urban gardening initiative and how book discussions and online author chats exploded into a Teen Author Festival. Participants will build skills in three areas of the YALSA Competencies, Administration, Access to Information and Services. Participants will discover how to design, implement, and evaluate programs and services that fit to their library's strategic plan, learn how to implement technology and electronic resources to provide access to information, and develop relationships and partnerships with youth and youth serving agencies to promote programs and services. This webinar is presented by Chris Shoemaker and Jack Martin, New York Public Library teen programming gurus.

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Low-Stress Strategies for the After-school Crowd (March 2013)

Turn loitering teens into engaged and productive ones!  This webinar will explore best practices in keeping your after-school crowd under control and getting them more involved in library programs. Attendees will discover ways to make their job easier and less stressful via strategies for changing teen behavior, designing effective programs, and working with large, casual crowds of teens. Learn how YALSA's “Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth” and national teen space guidelines can help you build a better environment for both teens and library staff.  By applying skills gained from the webinar, participants will ultimately build their base of teen patrons and future audiences via drop-in programs and more, thereby demonstrating to the community the key role libraries play in keeping teens safe and learning beyond the school day.

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Practical Programming Ideas for Teens (October 2013)

Join Monique Delatte Starkey as she discusses tried and true engaging and practical programming ideas that you can use with your teens.

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Risky Business (July 2010)

Linda Braun, immediate past president of YALSA, discussed why risk is important in teen services, how to be smart when building risky collections, how taking risks can help in programming with teens, what the best way is to take risks with technology and how to assess risky situations. Participants learned how to determine when a risk is a risk worth taking and how capable their library is of risk.

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A TAG can Work for You, Too! (September 2012)

One of the best ways to get teens involved and engaged in at the library--and to encourage them to be lifelong readers and library users/supporters--is to have a library teen advisory group (TAG). But creating a successful TAG isn’t as easy as just setting up a monthly meeting. It can be a challenge to figure out how to start, reactivate, or develop a TAG that fits your particular community's teens.  Join Diane Tuccillo for a discussion on how to engage teens at your library. Tuccillo offered tips on creating worthwhile projects and activities that will motivate teens to take part in a TAG. Tuccillo also discussed how to engage teens to brainstorm solutions to problems that might arise in running a TAG.

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Take Your Summer Reading Program from Yawn to Yay! With STEM (February 2013)

Are you looking for a way to refresh or amp up your library's summer reading program in order to reach a broader audience of tweens and teens?  This webinar will provide attendees with information, resources and tips for incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) activities and reading materials into your summer reading program, with a focus on the 2013 CSLP theme, "Beneath the Surface."  Webinar facilitator Candice Mack will offer a little something for everyone, including:

  • Simple STEM programs for busy librarians and library workers
  • Using the summer camp model for teen STEM programs
  • Strategies for using YALSA's STEM wiki and booklists in your summer reading program

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Teen Programming Development: Making It about the Teens from Start to Finish (November 2015)

It seems to be a common lament among teen services library workers: you work hard developing programs that the teens tell you that they want, but your attendance is still low! Where’s the disconnect? Jennifer Velasquez discusses how library workers can and should involve teens in the program planning process from start to finish, while re-imagining a new type of role for themselves that focuses more on strategy, program consistency, and building metrics into programs. Participants will take away: strategies for involving teens in the program planning and implementation process, tips for re-imagining the teen services library worker's role in the planning process, and learning how to advocate for increased teen responsibility by linking it to your library's overall mission

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Teen Services Programming: Opportunities & Outcomes (April 2015)

In this follow-up to YALSA’s March 2015 webinar on the new teen services programming guidelines, YALSA will discuss how library staff can more clearly define specific outcomes for their individual programs and the tools and strategies they can use to measure those outcomes.

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YALSA's New Teen Services Programming Guidelines: What Do They Mean for You and Your Library (March 2015)

The Teen Services Programming Guidelines have been released, but what do they mean for you and your library programming? Hayden Bass of the Seattle Public Library will provide an overview of the Teen Programming Guidelines and how they can be used as a reference point when developing programming ideas that support and encourage the interests and skills of teens in your community. 

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