Current YALSA Task Forces

A task force is an action-oriented membership group whose charge is to address specific goals, complete a specific task, or to consider a particular issue. There may be a designated time frame defined by the nature of the task or set forth in the function statement. Functions of a task force may include the following:

  1. Gathering information and making recommendations
  2. Studying an issue and preparing a report
  3. carrying out a specific project or activity
  4. Conducting programs at conferences
  5. Establishing committees or other subunits.

A task force is used to address critical, urgent, or ongoing situations which require a strong, visible organizational effort and/or activist response. Any parent body may establish a task force, determine its duration, monitor its progress, and terminate its function. (ALA Policy Manual, Article 6.9)

Many, but not all, YALSA task forces complete all of their work virtually and members are not required to attend conferences.

2012 Awards and Booklist Marketing Task Force

The mission of the task force is to help YALSA raise awareness of its lists and awards, and to coordinate the implementation of a sustained, year-round effort beginning with the announcement of the Nonfiction & Morris Award finalists in Dec. 2011 and running through Dec. 2012. The task force will: 1) assist YALSA's Web Services Manager with promoting the 2012 lists and awards to the library community and general public via the media through articles, blog posts, and other means; 2) create and disseminate resources to help librarians and educators use the lists and awards in their libraries and classrooms, including readers' advisory guides, book group discussion guides, booktalking resources, lesson plan materials and more; and 3) encourage teen interest in the lists and award winners through contests, promotions, collaboration with YALSA's blog, The Hub, and other means.


  • Excellent marketing skills, including use of social networking tools for marketing purposes
  • Thorough knowledge of YALSA’s literary awards and selected lists
  • Good communication and writing skill

Size: 5 - 7 virtual members, including two members from the previous year, plus a chair.

Term: 7/1/11 through 1/31/13.

Staff Liaison: Jaclyn Finneke

2012 Readers' Choice List Task Force

To oversee the development of YALSA's 2012 readers' choice list, including confirming the genres/categories; receiving, organizing and vetting the nominations; and assisting staff with disseminating nominations and conducting the online vote in November.  The chair will work with the taskforce to refine and expand policies and procedures based on the work of the previous taskforce and pass them on to the next chair.  The taskforce will also write and submit a report to the Board for their January 2013 meeting that includes recommendations for improving the process for 2013.


  • Strong organizational skills
  • Knowledge of young adult literature

Size: 7 virtual members including the chair.

Term: 1 year, commencing Dec. 1, 2011 and ending Jan. 31, 2013.

Staff Liaison: Nichole Gilbert

Committee Appointments Task Force

To provide support and advice to the President-Elect in regards to committee/jury/task force appointments. Activities may include: recruiting members to fill out volunteer forms and providing advice in order to ensure diverse representation on member groups. Chaired by the President-Elect.

Size: Up to six members

Term: 1 year, starting in July.

Teen Space Guidelines Task Force

To develop a full set of guidelines for physical and virtual teen spaces in public libraries using the existing draft guidelines and existing best practices as a starting point. Submit a preliminary draft as well as any questions or concerns to the YALSA Executive Committee for discussion and feedback at their April 19th meeting. Following feedback from the Executive Committee, the Task Force will make revisions to the guidelines and submit them by May 24 in preparation for the YALSA Board meeting at Annual 2011. After incorporating Board feedback, the Task Force will open a public comment period to obtain input from the library community and then submit a final draft that incorporates public feedback, as appropriate, to the Executive Committee for their October 21st meeting.

Size: 5 – 7 virtual members, including the chair.

Presidential Advisory Task Force

To provide support, guidance and advice to the incoming YALSA President during his/her first two years (President-Elect and Presidential) of service, when requested. Activities may include working with the President-Elect to review YALSA's goals, initiatives, and strategic plan to develop an appropriate Presidential theme, goal(s) and/or initiative(s). As requested, provide support and oversight of the implementation of any Presidential initiatives. Committee composition: Virtual membership is encouraged, as is representation from different areas of young adult librarianship.

Size: Up to 6 members.

Term: 2-year term starting in July.

President's Program Planning

Under the direction of YALSA's President, plan, organize and implement the content for the YALSA President's Program at the 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. Work with YALSA's Program Officer for Conferences and Events on all logistics. To assist on-site in New Orleans with the implementation of the event.

Size: to be determined.

Term: 1 year, commencing after Annual

Staff Liaison: Eve Gaus

Research Resources Clearinghouse Task Force

The goal of the clearinghouse is to help YA and secondary school librarians find resources that connect them with the latest in relevant research focused resources and opportunities, including analysis, experts, research-supporting organizations, funding sources and more. From Aug. to Sept. work with YALSA's Communications Specialist to develop a template for the resources and annotations. From Oct. to Feb. evaluate, compile and annotate research related resources, tools, organizations and funding sources, etc. From March to April work with YALSA's Communications Specialist as needed to refine and format the content for posting online in a searchable format. May to June work with the Communications Specialist to promote the Clearinghouse.

Size: 5 - 7 virtual members, including chair.

STEM Resources Task Force

The task force will create a variety of resources to help members implement STEM-focused programs and services through their libraries, including creating  a “STEM in libraries” toolkit to be released in conjunction with 2012 ‘s Teen Tech Week™; implementing a STEM programming contest for members to highlight best practices; establishing and maintaining a STEM page on YALSA’s public wiki and encouraging members to contribute to the content there, including a list of recommended reads relating to STEM; as requested by the YALSABlog Manager, identify bloggers to regularly create STEM-related posts; as requested by the YALS Editor, identify authors to write STEM-related articles.

Size: 5-7 virtual members, including the chair. 

Term: October 1, 2011 through June 30, 2013. 

Social Media Policy Task Force

To create a solid framework to help committees use social media for YALSA purposes appropriately and effectively, the task force will adapt the existing Board Social Media Policy document to create a new social media policy specifically for YALSA committees. A draft policy will be submitted to the board by December 19, 2011, for their consideration at the 2012 Midwinter Meeting. Based on board feedback, the task force will refine the draft and resubmit the document for board consideration by April 2, 2012.  The task force will remain in place until the board formally adopts the policy. 

Size: 5-7 virtual members, including the chair. 

Term: October 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. 

Teen Services Evaluation Task Force

To develop an assessment tool for library administrators and teen librarians to use in order to evaluate an individual institution's overall level of success in providing teen services. The Task Force will use YALSA's recently revised Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth and IFLA's Guidelines for Library Services for Young Adults to inform the development of criteria and the rating system used in the tool developed. The Task Force will submit a draft of their work in May to the YALSA Board of Directors with the goal of having a completed version adopted by the Board by August 2010.

Size: 5 members, including the chair.

YA Lit Symposium Marketing & Planning

To plan, implement and market YALSA’s Young Adult Literature Symposium, consider the idea of the symposium as a venue for presenting scholarly papers on topics relating to
young adult literature, and work with the YALSA office as necessary.


  • Knowledge of current topics and trends of interest to librarians serving teens
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent marketing skills, including use of social networking tools for marketing purposes
  • Ability to attend the symposium

Size: up to 5-7 members

Staff liaison: Nichole Gilbert