Face-to-Face Training

YALSA can provide training for your organization from its top-notch teen services consultants. You supply the space and audience, and YALSA supplies top-rate presenters, materials, and content.

Presenters and specific content may vary by date and site. All workshops are full-day workshops. In addition,  YALSA's online courses may be licensed and presented as a full-day face-to-face workshop. Read participant testimonials to find out why you should bring in one of YALSA's consultants.

For more information check out this pricing guide (.pdf), or to discuss how these events can be tailored to your needs, please contact yalsa@ala.org or 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4390.

Beginner's Guide to Teens & Libraries

Nearly every staff person interacts with teens in some way. This training is geared toward providing staff with strategies to ensure that the interaction is positive. Participants will achieve a better understanding of adolescent needs and behaviors and how to deal with them.

Get Graphic @ your library

Participants will explore how to energize their library collection by learning how to select and evaluate graphic novels, manga and anime as well as how to implement programming relating to this format.  Participants will also learn what titles are the newest and best in this format.

Power Up with Print

Get more teens reading! Participants will learn how to boost the library’s circulation  through the development of teen-centered programs,  material evaluation & selection, booktalks and more. Attendees will also  learn about the latest in YA literature. 

Speak Up, Stand Up, Step Up: Advocating for Teens

Speaking up for teens and teen library services is an important part of the work of all librarians, and particularly important for young adult librarians. It can however be difficult to know how to be successful as a teen advocate and it can be hard to help community members, administrators, and colleagues understand why teen services are important to teens and to the entire library community. Participants in this Institute will learn how to be effective advocates for teens and for teen library services. They will leave with a selection of methods to use when advocating for teens to a variety of different audiences.  And, participants will know the barriers to successful advocacy efforts and how to turn those barriers into advocacy opportunities.

Teens & Tech: Current Trends

Each year the technology teens use and could be using changes and it's hard for a librarian to keep up with what's in, what's out, what's useful, and what's not.  This Institute will take a look at how teens do and can use technology to collaborate, create, and participate. Participants will consider the text-based literacy implications of technology, how to help teens become ethical users of the technologies they are using today, and how to effectively integrate current technology into library programs and services - both virtual and face-to-face.