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YALSA is your source for national guidelines, competencies, position papers, and benchmarks to aid librarians, library workers and libraries in better understanding the components of an excellent teen services program.

YALSA Guidelines

YALSA's Young Adults Deserve the Best: Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth (also available in PDF)

YALSA's Public Library Evaluation Tool

Reference Guidelines for Library Services to Teens, Ages 12-18 (PDF) , developed by RUSA and YALSA

Teen Programming Guidelines (also available in PDF) Adopted on March 4, 2015.

Teen Space Guidelines
(also available in PDF)

Research Guidelines and Tools

National Research Agenda, 2012-2016

YALSA's Research Bibliographies

Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults

International Research Abstracts: Youth Library Services

YALSA/VOYA/Henne Research Grant

Midwinter Paper Presentation

YALSA Position Papers & Reports


YALSA's position papers are authoritative guides that make recommendations on important issues in teen librarianship. Current, board-approved white papers include:

  • The Importance of a Whole Library Approach to Public Library  Young Adult Services: A YALSA Issue Paper by Linda W. Braun with contributions from Sarah Flowers and Mary Hastler, Approved by the YALSA Board of Directors, January 2011
  • The Benefits of Including Dedicated Young Adult Librarians on Staff in the Public Library by YALSA with Audra Caplan, approved by the YALSA Board of Directors, January 2009
  • The Importance of Young Adult Services in LIS Curricula, by Don Latham, approved by the YALSA Board of Directors, January 2009
  • The Value of Young Adult Literature, by Michael Cart, approved by the YALSA Board of Directors, January 2008
  • The Need for Teen Spaces in Public Libraries, by Kimberly Bolan, approved by the YALSA Board of Directors, January 2008

Related Resources

Issue Brief: Libraries Help Keep Teens Safe Online (PDF)

Issue Brief: Adolescents Need Libraries (PDF)

Library Bill of Rights & related documents (see the menu on the left side of that web page for links to the related documents)

Roots and Branches: YA Services Past, Present, and Future (speech by Mary K. Chelton, available as mp3 or PDF)

Other Guidelines of Interest