ALA Award & Notable Seals

Sales & Permissions

Seals representing ALA's youth media awards, Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction, Booklist Editors' Choice and Top of the List, and ALA Notable Books are available for purchase in packages of 24, or in bulk. Electronic images of the seals are also available.  In addition, The Alex Award and Teens’ Top Ten seals are only available as an electronic image for licensing.

See prices and policies, below.

Packaged Sales

Packages of 24 each of the following seals are available through the ALA Graphics catalog or the ALA Online Store:

  • Andrew Carnegie, Fiction and Nonfiction  (Booklist/RUSA)
  • Batchelder (ALSC)
  • Belpré (ALSC)
  • Booklist Editors' Choice
  • Booklist Top of the List
  • Caldecott (ALSC)
  • Carnegie (ALSC; available only in bulk, see below)
  • Coretta Scott King (EMIERT)
  • Edwards (YALSA)
  • Excellence in Nonfiction (YALSA)
  • Geisel (ALSC)
  • Morris (YALSA)
  • Newbery (ALSC)
  • Notable (ALSC)
  • Odyssey (ALSC/Booklist/YALSA)
  • Printz (YALSA)
  • Schneider (ALA)
  • Sibert (ALSC)
  • Steptoe (EMIERT)
  • Stonewall (GLBTRT)

Contact the  ALA Online Store, or call 1-866-746-7252 (phone), 1-312-280-5860 (fax), international callers: 1-678-781-6508

Mailing address: PO Box 936239, Atlanta, GA 31193-6239

Bulk Sales

Bulk Seals Sales:

Pressure-sensitive seals are available in bulk. They are packaged 1,000 to a roll, and sold only in multiple units of one thousand (1,000).

Price: $175/1,000 seals

ALA offers the following volume discount prices:

  • 10,000–20,000 seals = $0.155/each
  • 21,000–25,000 seals = $0.145/each
  • more than 25,000 seals = $0.125/each
  • more than 1,000,000 seals = $0.115/each

For example: the price for 10,000 seals would be $1550.00.

ALA receives and processes bulk orders.  Please use this ORDER FORM.

This form allows you to order one type of seal (example: Caldecott Gold) in any amount. If you would like to order another type of seal (example: Printz Silver) you will need to fill out a separate form. We ask this  so that we may gather the following information for each order:

  • Book Title(s)
  • Author(s)/Illustrator(s)
  • Copyright Year(s)

After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email (please add to your safe sender’s list). Please immediately check your confirmation email to verify that your product, quantities, and shipping address are accurate. If you spot an error, call PBD, ALA’s warehouse, at 1-866-746-7252 to correct it as soon as possible to avoid fulfillment of the error. If you have questions about bulk seal orders only please contact Courtney Jones at

Licensing Digital Award Seals:

Arrangements can be made through ALA's Rights and Permissions office for publishers who want permission to reproduce the appropriate seal on a paperback edition, e-book edition, book jacket, audio or video cassette, for compact disc cover copies, etc.  The Alex Award nominee, Alex Award winner, Teens’ Top Ten nominee, and Teens’ Top Ten winner seals are available for digital licensing only.

Price for use of transparency or EPS Image is $100 per 1,000 copies printed. Arrangements can also be made through ALA's Rights and Permissions office to print seal images on signage, display materials, and/or other items. A commercial use fee applies. These licenses are granted for a limited time and use. Permission must be given for new uses (placement on other media) as they require new licenses. 


Use of Seals on E-books:

Arrangements can now be made through ALA's Rights and Permissions office for publishers who want permission to reproduce the appropriate seal on e-book editions of award-winning books. The seal image may only be placed on the e-book edition of the title that originally won the award. Publishers must agree to include the date the book originally won the award and provide the ISBN number of that title on the Copyright page. A digital copy of the e-book must be sent to ALA for review before making the publication available for purchase to the public. Price for use of transparency or EPS Image on e-book editions remains the same as other digital licensing: $100 per 1,000 copies downloaded.

Policies Relating to Seal Use

All Award Seal and Notable Seal images, Award names and Notable names (the “Trademarks”), and any all rights therein including all trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights therein, are solely and exclusively owned by ALA.  You may not download, copy, reproduce, distribute, replicate, retransmit, edit, modify, link, excerpt, display or otherwise make use of the Trademarks at any time unless you have obtained the express prior written permission of ALA.

Publishers may use the full cover of the award-winning title with the Award Seal on it in advertising, marketing, and promotion as long as the full cover is shown.  Seals may not be used as a stand-alone feature in any advertising, marketing, or promotion.

Seals may only be placed on the media that originally won the award. For example, a video of a Newbery-winning book should not carry a Newbery seal.

ATTN: Art Directors and Art Departments- Award seal images must be removed from digital files prior to sending them off to other departments or imprints for use on other media. Licenses are granted for specific uses and may not be used on other media without permission.

For all questions regarding award image rights and licenses contact Mary Jo Bolduc, 312-280-5416 or 312-944-8741 (fax).