Quick Picks Policies and Procedures

Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers policies and procedures

All of our Selected Lists have been transitioned over to the Hub. Transitioning the selected lists to The Hub will offer a better opportunity to highlight books that are being considered for each list in a more timely and easily accessible manner as well as provide members with more virtual participation opportunities. More info can be found here.


To prepare an annual annotated list of recommended books appropriate for reluctant young adult readers.


The list is for young adults (ages 12-18) who, for whatever reasons, do not like to read. The purpose of this list is to identify titles for recreational reading, not for curricular or remedial use.



Anyone, except the book's author and publisher, may suggest an appropriate title for the Blogging Team to consider for nomination. Each suggestion must be submitted on an official form. Suggestion forms are available the YALSA website. The Blog Team Lead must receive all suggestions by Dec. 1st to be considered.

Suggestions require a second from a Quick Picks Blogging Team member.

The Blogging Team Lead informs the group of suggestions, which will remain active until all nominations are closed. If no team member seconds the suggestion, the title is dropped from consideration.


A book must have a copyright date during the current calendar year or have been published from July to December of the previous calendar year to be considered for the list. A book originally published outside the United States will be considered according to its U.S. publication year.

Series Fiction: If there are more than two books in year and they are all of equal interest to RR's, the book can be nominated "as a series" which means that team members only have to read one of the books out that year, rather than the entire selection of books in the series published during the copyright year. Books published in the same series in a different copyright year must be re-nominated and read. All books appearing on the Quick Picks list must have been read by one or more members of the Quick Picks Team.


All titles should have appeal as self-selected leisure reading for young adults. Books should be evaluated by subject, cover art, readability, format, style and teen feedback. Teen feedback from reluctant readers, is encouraged. Standard selection criteria consonant with the ALA Library Bill of Rights shall be applied.

Team Members

The team consists of 10 - 14 YALSA members who are appointed on a staggered basis to maintain a balance of new and continuing members. Team members are expected to participate in the nomination process, to evaluate a large number of books, to read nominated books, to attend all team meetings and to actively participate in book discussions. Team members are appointed by the YALSA's Member Manager and serve a term of one year. Team members may be selected to serve a concurrent, second one-year term based on the member's first year performance and their interest and availability in serving another year, for a total of a two-year maximum concurrent term length on the team.

Members who have served two consecutive years may not be appointed to the same team for three years from the conclusion of their last term. This guideline will not apply to the Team Lead. In extreme circumstances, and at the President’s discretion, an exception may be made if a team member resigns suddenly. The President, after discussion with the Team Lead, may determine that the best course of action is to fill the vacancy with an experienced member, and appoint a member in good standing who successfully served on the team in question during the previous three years.

Team Lead

The primary function of the Team Lead is to facilitate the group's charge, to attend to all business matters, to maintain an accurate database of all nominated titles, and to communicate frequently with members regarding nominated books. The Team Lead enjoys the same charge and privilege of reading, nomination, discussing and voting for books as team members. It is expected, however, that the Team Lead should refrain from discussion of a title until all other members have had the opportunity to speak. The Team Lead is appointed for a one-year term by YALSA's Member Manager.


Selection of the annual list will be made during the last group meeting of the year. Members can vote only on nominated books they have read. The final list will include books receiving a majority of the team's "yes" votes. The final vote will be counted by the Team Lead.

Availability of Lists for General Distribution

The list of nominations will be updated on the Hub as nominations are finalized by the group.

The final list of selected titles will be available on the Hub and in the Teen Book Finder database.

Revised by the YALSA Board June 2008, August 2009 and January 2017.