Award Seal Usage Guidelines

YALSA Award Seals usage adheres to ALA policies, including the following statement: “seals may only be placed on the media that originally won the award. For example, a video of a Newbery-winning book should not carry a Newbery seal.”

For YALSA’s awards, electronic editions of books that were previously published in print (including e-books or other emerging formats) are eligible to carry a digital image of a YALSA award seal provided that all of the original content of the winning or honor print edition remains exactly intact and that the publisher or organization seeks and obtains prior permission from ALA to use the digital image.  Additional content in electronic editions of print books that may be unique to electronic formats would not preclude seal usage.  Such electronic editions would be considered in the same way that paperback editions, which may have added author interviews, discussion questions, or other content, would be allowed to carry an award seal.

ALA/YALSA may at any time and for any reason modify, delete and/or add to these guidelines, effective immediately upon notice thereof, which may be given by any means, including but not limited to posting on the Website a revised version of these terms of use.  All Award Seal images and Award names contained on the Website (the “Trademarks”), and any all rights therein including all trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights therein, are solely and exclusively owned by ALA.  Organizations may not download, copy, reproduce, distribute, replicate, retransmit, edit, modify, link, excerpt, display or otherwise make use of the Trademarks at any time unless they have obtained the express prior written permission of ALA.

ALA/YALSA Award Seals are the sole property of the American Library Association and are protected by trademark and copyright laws. Publishers or any other organizations are prohibited from imaging, modifying, distributing, copying, reproducing, or otherwise using the seals without the prior written permission of the ALA.

Permission to Use

Organizations must obtain the prior written permission of ALA to use the Award seals. 

Arrangements can be made through ALA's Rights and Permissions office for publishers/producers who need permission to reproduce the appropriate seal on a paperback edition, book jacket, audio or video cassette, for compact disc cover copies, e-books, etc.  Contact or Mary Jo Bolduc, 312-280-5416 or 312-944-8741 (fax) for information.

For Further Information

Visit ALA’s Awards and Seals webpage.

--Adopted by YALSA’s Board of Directors 9/30/11