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The Chapter Relations Office (CRO) promotes a sense of identification between the national Association and the 57 ALA Chapters; facilitates communication between the Chapters and all ALA units (e.g., Chapter Answers, Chapter Issues, State of the Chapter Annual Report; Helping United States Libraries After Disasters), coordinates leadership development for Chapter officers (e.g., Chapter Leaders Forum), Chapter Councilors, chief paid staff members, and other Chapter leaders; strengthens membership promotion activities for ALA and the Chapters (e.g., joint membership program); coordinates the ALA Student Chapters and the ALA Student-to-Staff program and Money Smart Week; and helps raise awareness throughout the ALA of and sensitivity to Chapter advocacy and other needs (e.g., Chapter Issues, where Chapters share how they address common issues). In addition to CRO, the interests of Chapters are represented within ALA by the Chapter Relations Committee (CRC), which meets each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference, and serves as an advisory committee to the CRO.

Finding What You Need (and Want!): Navigating the Chapter Relations Office Site

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Begin by exploring this site with the links above, use the "mini-pods" above, or use the pods on the right-hand side (on this page and other CRO pages) to navigate to pages directly related to the ALA Chapter Relations Office. In addition, general questions are answered at Chapter Answers.

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CRO Staff

Michael Dowling, Director
Chapter Relations Office, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 3200

Don Wood, Program Officer
Chapter Relations Office, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 2429

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Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference Schedules

The Select ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference Schedule for CRO and CRC meetings, events, and programs during these annual conferences.

ALA Conference Planning Calendar

ALA's Affiliates Conference & Event Planning Calendar is now online as Affiliate and Chapter Planning Calendar. To include your ALA Chapter, ALA Affiliates, and Division Conferences, Institutes, or Workshops in this calendar, please contact Don Wood, Chapter Relations Office, with names, titles, URLs, dates, and locations. Report additions or errors to Don Wood. It is highly appreciated when the subject line contains the word calendar.


Select Map of USA; Links to Legislation and Advocacy

The Chapter Relations Office supports ALA's library advocacy efforts by tracking state and federal legislation affecting libraries and by working with the Office for Library Advocacy, the ALA Washington Office, I Love Libraries, other ALA units, and other groups. For links to resources and other information, visit CRO's Legislation and Advocacy page, which includes Take Action for Libraries and Save Libraries in Your State (which includes Helping U.S. Libraries after disasters).

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