ALA Disaster Relief Fund

ALA Disaster Relief Fund


The American Library Association’s Disaster Relief Fund provides funds to libraries in the U.S. and around the world that have been damaged or destroyed due to natural or man-made disasters.

ALA encourages members and library supporters to contribute to the fund to assist libraries in need, to help them rebuild so that they can serve their communities to help them recover.

ALA works with its state chapters and state libraries when disaster strikes in the United States to gather information and to distribute funds to help libraries rebuild. And for international disasters are partner national library associations. ALA is currently raising funds to support libraries in the Gulf Region and East Coast that suffered damage due to the wrath of Hurricane Ida.


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ALA’s previous disaster relief efforts include support after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Superstorm Sandy, Tsunami in Japan, Earthquakes in Haiti. ALA is partner of the National Heritage Task Force (HENTF) coordinated by Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and the Smithsonian Institution. HENTF’s mission is to protect cultural heritage in our nation’s states, tribes, territories, and local communities from the damaging effects of natural disasters and other emergencies.

This page will provide updates and reports on damage to libraries and distribution of funds. It will also provide information where direct donations could be made to specific libraries.

Assistance and Relief after Hurricane Ida 

Relief for libraries after damages from Hurricane Ida on August 29, 2021


Second floor of the West Regional Library in Luling

Update: All St. Charles Parish Library branches closed until further notice

Lousiana State Library Public Library Emergency Status Blog
This blog lists updates from each Louisiana Parish

Louisiana Public Libraries Open or Closed Map

Donations Directly to Louisiana

The State Library of Louisiana is set up to take in direct donations to help libraries in Louisiana. Click here to donate.

Check donations can also be made to a specific parish library system (please note name of parish on check)

Louisiana Library Book Festival Foundation
PO Box 2583
Baton Rouge, LA 70821


Mississippi Update (September 7)

The Mississippi Library Commission connected with most public library systems across the state by September 7.  Libraries in Mississippi suffered minimal damage from Hurricane Ida. Jackson/Hinds Library System reports water damage to the Eudora Welty branch and concern over its collection.  A number of systems, Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library, Lamar County Library System, Mid-Mississippi Regional Library System reported roof leaks during Ida, but minimal impact, and leaks were known issues from previous storms. 

New Jersey Update (September 6)

The Caldwell Public Library - CLOSED indefinitely after Ida Storm Damage.
Click here to donate directly to the Caldwell Public Library 

Floor of the Caldwell Public Library in New Jersey littered with wet books following heavy rains from Hurricane Ida.

Image from damages of the Caldwell Public Library in Caldwell, NJ | Photo Source

Springfield Public Library, NJ

The library experienced flooding throughout almost the entire building and it will need to be completely closed for at least several weeks.

New York Updates 

Queens Public Library
Donate directly to the Queens Public Library

  • Hillcrest Library (187-05 Union Turnpike in Flushing)
  • Elmhurst Library (86-07 Broadway in Elmhurst)
  • Lefrak City Library (98-30 57 Avenue in Corona)

The photo  depicts the exterior entrance to Lefrak City Library. 

The photo above depicts the exterior entrance to Lefrak City Library. 



Let Us Know How We Can Help


If you think the American Library Association can help libraries affected by natural disasters (e.g., earthquake, tornado, fire, flood, hurricane) in any way toward recovery and relief, or if you have suggestions for emergency management resources and disaster preparedness, please contact the Chapter Relations Office: Michael Dowling at 312-280-3200 or Mariel Colbert at 312-280-2429. (Updated November 13, 2018)




American Library Association Resources | Responding to Disasters (LC, Smithsonian, Other) | Bibliography | How to Help International Libraries | For Legislative and Other Supportive Actions |





American Library Association Resources


ALA LibGuide on Library Disaster Preparedness and Response from the ALA Library.
Disasters strike every area of the country, and disasters do not spare libraries. Usually there is little or no warning, and the best defense is a plan for effective response. This LibGuide offers resources for libraries of all sizes and types. It contains information on organizations that can provide disaster assistance; disaster recovery resources available online; and a bibliography of print resources.


Beyond Words the Dollar General school library relief fund
Dollar General, in collaboration with the American Library Association (ALA), the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) and the National Education Association (NEA), is sponsoring a school library disaster relief fund for public school libraries in the states served by Dollar General. The fund will provide grants to public schools whose school library program has been affected by a disaster. Grants are to replace or supplement books, media and/or library equipment in the school library setting.



Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)




Emergency Situations including Hurricanes


Library of Congress Resources


Library of Congress Emergency Management, includes:



Smithsonian Resources



Institute of Museum and Library Services


Hurricane Recovery Resources for Museums and Libraries


Other Resources


The Preservation Services department of the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) provides free preservation advice to institutions and individuals worldwide. The Center provides Preservation Leaflets with information on a wide variety of preservation topics and links to additional resources, such as Preservation Assessment and Planning, Protection from Loss: Water and Fire Damage, Biological Agents, Theft, and Vandalism, Emergency Management Bibliography, Cleaning Books and Shelves, Care of Photographs, Repairing Paper Artifacts, Choosing and Working with a Conservator, and more.


DISASTR-OUTREACH-LIB Listserv is a discussion forum for librarians, information specialists, and other professionals interested in disaster health information outreach to their communities. As a participant in this listserv, you can stay informed about current disaster-related resources, connect to colleagues in the field, engage in information exchange and learn about new ideas, trends, training opportunities, and conferences in the area of disaster health information.


For a list of the news sources scanned for weekly news updates sent on this listserv, visit Disaster Information News Sources.



Thank you to all librarians who are working together to assist in the library relief efforts.




Kenosha Public Library Fines Go to Help Damaged Libraries
The Kenosha Public library Director, Barb Brattin, brought a request to the Library Board to approve one week of fines from all of the 4 branches and the bookmobile to be given to the ALA Disaster Relief Fund in response to the recent Hurricane damage.  The week of September 25th - October 1st a total of $1,240.92 was collected in fines that week , and an additional $85.90 was donated by patrons and staff.  A poster was used at all point of service locations to inform the patrons.  The library also used social media to highlight the effort.




Book Review Group Donates $500
The Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group (SOYAMRG) which is made up of 40 public and private school librarians, public librarians and other professionals who work with young adults ages 12-18 voted to contribute $500.




Dickerson Memorial Library (MA) Knitting Group Contributes
The Northfield, Massachusetts library’s Thursday Night Knitting Group’s decided to give $300, half of the funds they raised at their fall Stash Bash to the Florida libraries.




50-50 Raffle Nets Funds for Disaster Relief
During the Baltimore County Public Library Staff Association’s annual Staff Day, the Association earmarked funds raised from a ‘50-50 Raffle’ for the ALA Disaster Relief Fund. The Raffle raised $202.50 to help libraries devastated by the recent hurricanes!




Neighborhood yard sale
Elissa Miller raised $515 at a neighborhood yard sale fundraiser for Puerto Rican libraries.  Neighbors and friends got together to support libraries in Puerto Rico. 
Elissa Miller's sign for Puerto Rico Fundraising efforts


How to Help International Libraries 







Library as Safe Haven: Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery; A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians by Deborah D. Halsted, Shari C. Clifton, and Daniel T. Wilson. Item Number: 978-1-55570-913-6