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This page is designed to guide and assist already established ALA Student Chapters. If you are interested in starting an ALA Student Chapter, visit How to Start an ALA Student Chapter.

If you have other questions about the ALA Student Chapters, contact Mariel Colbert at the ALA Chapter Relations Office. See also CRO Answers, Chapter Answers, and Chapter Councilor Answers, or find them all at Find Your Answers.

Student Chapter Answers: Resources

Student Chapter Answers: What Are the ALA Student Chapters?
On this page you will find What Are the ALA Student Chapters?, Chapter and Student Chapter Resources , Leading Your Chapter, and Who to Contact at the ALA for Answers about ALA Student Chapters?

Student Chapter Answers: What Can the ALA Student Chapters Do for Themselves and Others?
On this page you will find What Can the ALA Student Chapters Do for Themselves and Others?, Promote the ALA Joint Student Membership Program, Raise Money to Support Your Chapter, Brainstorm, Arrange for Visits, Arrange Tours and Other Get-togethers, Participate, Social Network, Help Others/Transform Your Communities, Establish a Relationship with Your State Library Association, Do I have to be an ALA member to belong to an ALA Student Chapter?, Membership Drives for Your Student Chapter, Membership and Elections, and Other Student Groups.

Student Chapter Answers: What Does ALA Do to Help Student Chapters?
On this page you will find What Does ALA Do to Help Student Chapters?, Provides Ways for Members to Contact Congress and Contact State and Local Representatives, Provides a Business E-list and Student Chapter Directory, ALA Student-to-Staff Program, Volunteering at Conference, Encourages Ways to Participate in ALA, Provides Information about Jobs , Provides Monetary Support for Your Chapter, Encourages Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Provides Information about Awards, Grants, Scholarships , Provides Promotional Materials and More, Provides  Accreditation, Public Awareness Campaign, Social Media, and ALA New Members Round Table Student Chapter of the Year Award