Directory of ALA Student Chapters

The American Library Association currently has 57 active Student Chapter groups at graduate schools accredited by ALA or NCATE.

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University of Alabama

Founded: June 11, 1991, 31st Official Group

President: Megan Doll; ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Information Studies, University of Alabama, SLIS, 513 Gorgas Library, Box 870252, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0252; SLIS Phone: 204-348-4610. Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jamie Campbell Naidoo, Director: Dr. Ann Prentice,




(Last updated 11/18/15)



University of Arizona

Founded: Apr. 4, 1988, 17th Official Group

President: TBA; Vice President: TBA;  ALA Student Chapter, c/o Library Student Organization, School of Info. Resources & Library Science, University of Arizona, 1515 E. First St., Tucson, AZ 85719;  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patricia Montiel-Overall, Director: P. Bryan Heidorn, (520) 621-3565, FAX (520) 621-3279,



(Last updated 6/1/15)



School of Information, San Jose State University

Founded: May 17, 1994, 42nd Official Group

Co-Chairs: Tiana Trutna,; Molly Jostock,; ALA Student Chapter, (206) 391-3319. School of Library & Info. Science, San Jose State University, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0029, Faculty Advisor: Debbie Faires, 408-924-2498; Director: Sandra Hirsh, (408) 924-2491




(Last updated 9/9/16)

University of California, Los Angeles

Founded: Mar. 15, 1987, 13th Official Group

President: Emily Meehan; ALA Student Chapter, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Dept. of Library & Information Science, University of California, Box 951520, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1520; Faculty Advisors: Beverly Lynch, (310) 206-4294, and Gregory Leazer, 310-206-8135; Dean: Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, (310) 825-8308


(Last updated 9/10/15)

University of Southern California

Founded: Nov. 21, 2014, 62nd Official Group

President: Kimberly Tate-Louie,; Vice President: Kai Schott,; Secretary: Serene Salgado,; Treasurer: Rachel Friedman,; New Media Liaison: Dione Surdez Oliver.;The Marshall School of Business Master of Management in Library and Information Science (MMLIS) Graduate Program University of Southern California; Faculty Advisor: Janine Golden, PhD, Associate Professor, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California,; Coordinator of Student Services-LIS/LIM Programs: Alexis Hackathorn,


(Last updated 5/20/16)



The iSchool@UBC

Founded: November 23rd, 2010, 60th Official Group
Co-chairs: Christina Appleberry,; Dothlyn McFarlane,; Claire Williams,; Address: ALA Student Chapter; School of Library, Archival and Information Studies; University of British Columbia, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre,  Suite 470 - 1961 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada; Email:; Faculty Advisor: Aaron Loehrlein,, 604-822-2843; Acting Chair/Director: Luanne Freund,



(Last updated 12/9/15)

University of Toronto

Founded: Nov. 9, 2001, 48th Official Group

Chair: Lindsay Skay, ALA Student Chapter, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, 140 St. George Street, Toronto, ON, CAN M5S 3G6; Dean: Brian Smith, (416) 978-8589, FAX (416) 978-5762




University of Denver

Founded: May 26, 2005, 54th Official Group

President: Meghan Damour,; ALA Student Chapter, Library and Info. Sci. Program, University of Denver, 1999 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80208-1700; Faculty Advisor: Krystyna K. Matusiak,, (303) 871-6163; Dean: Karen Riley


(Last updated  9/8/16)



Southern Connecticut State University

Founded: May 1, 2002, 49th Official Group

President: Cynthia Hilliard,, ALA Student Chapter, Dept. of Info. and Lib. Sci, Southern Connecticut State University, Buley 401T, 501 Crescent St., Attn: ALA Student Chapter, New Haven, CT 06515-1355; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arlene Bielefield,; Department Chair: Dr. Hak Joon Kim,, (203) 392-5703

(Last updated 9/26/15)


District of Columbia

Catholic University of America

Founded: July 3, 2003, 52nd Official Group

Chair: Vicky Pohlen,; ALA Student Chapter, Department of Library and Information Science, Catholic University of America, 620 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, D.C. 20064; Faculty Advisor: Sue Yeon Syn,, 202-319-6277; Fax: 202-319-5574; Interim Co-Chair: Ingrid Hsieh-Yee,; 202-319-5085



(Last updated 5/3/16)



Florida State University

Founded: Jan. 26, 1988, 14th Official Group

President: Amy Mosher,; ALA Student Chapter, 792 Collegiate Loop Tallahassee, FL 32306; 850-644-9763; Faculty Advisor: Leila Gibradze,, Dean: Lawrence Dennis, (850) 644-5877, FAX (850) 644-9763




(Last updated 6/8/16)

University of South Florida

Founded: Feb. 21, 1984, 6th Official Group

President: Carrie Cullen,; ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Info. Science, University of South Florida, 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CIS 1040, Tampa, FL 33620-7800; Faculty Adviser: Katherine "Kayt" Ahnberg, keahnberg@usf.eduDirector: Dr. James Andrews, (813) 974.3520, FAX (813) 974-6840,




(Last updated 7/1/16)



Valdosta State University

Founded: Oct. 16, 2007, 57th Official Group

President:  Jeanna Allums,, Department of Library and Information Science Studies, Odum 4600, Valdosta State University, 1500 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, GA 31698-0133; Faculty Advisor: Xiaoai Ren,, 229-249-2726; Department Chair: Dr. Linda Most, (229) 333-5966;


(Last updated 8/3/16)



University of Hawaii, Manoa

Founded: Feb. 4, 1992, 34th Official Group

President: Mary Campany,; ALA Student Chapter, Library and Information Science Program, University of Hawaii, 2550 McCarthy Mall, Honolulu, HI 96822;  Faculty Advisor: Noriko Asato,; Program Chair: Rich Gazan,




(Last updated 10/3/16)



Chicago State University

Founded: November 18, 2009, 58th Official Group

President:  Brian Cheung,, ALA Student Chapter, The Library, Information and Media Studies Department, ED 208, Chicago State University, 9501 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60628-1598, (773) 995-2000,; Faculty Advisor:  Brenda Pruitt-Annisette,; Department Chairperson:  Dr. Kimberly Black-Parker,; (773) 995-2598.

(Last updated 9/19/15)

Dominican University

Founded: Dec. 5, 1989, 24th Official Group

President: Krystal Baker,, ALA Student Chapter, Grad. School of Library & Info. Science, Dominican University, 7900 W. Division St., River Forest, IL 60305; Faculty Liaison:  Dr. Yijun Gao,; Dean: Kate Marek,; Assistant Dean: Diane Foote,


(Last updated 8/9/16)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Founded: Feb. 6, 1981, 2nd Official Group

President: Alex Olivia Kinnaman,, ALA Student Chapter, Grad. School of Library & Info. Science, 501 E. Daniel St., MC-493, Champaign, IL 61820;  Faculty Advisor: Emily Knox,; Dean: Allen Renear, (217) 265-5216,


(Last updated 05/12/16)



Indiana University

Founded: Dec. 21, 1992, 38th Official Group

President: Joseph Wooley,; ALA Student Chapter, School of Informatics & Computing, Department of Information and Library Science, Indiana University, 1320 East 10th Street, Bloomington, IN 47405-3907; Co-Faculty Advisors: Catherine J. Minter,, and Christina Sheley,


(Last updated 9/8/16)



University of Iowa

Founded: Apr. 30, 1996, 44th Official Group

President: Rebekah Walker,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library and Info. Science, University of Iowa, 3087 Library, Iowa City, IA 52242-1420,; Faculty Advisor: Jim Elmborg,; Director: David Eichmann

(Last updated 07/26/16)



Emporia State University

Founded: Feb. 22, 1988, 16th Official Group


Presidents:  Jessica Fredrickson,; ALA Student Chapter (Kansas, Colorado, Utah), School of Library & Information Management, Emporia State University, P.O. Box 4025, Emporia, KS 66801; Faculty Advisor: Kathie Buckman and Dr. James Walther,; Interim Dean: Mirah Diow,





(Last updated 6/22/16)


Presidents: Nicole Langley,; Anne Keech,, Student Chapter of ALA, Emporia Statue University ~ Portland, ALA Student Chapter (Oregon), School of Library & Info. Management, 1020 SW Taylor, Suite 447 Portland, OR 97205  Advisor: Pierina Parise,; Interim Dean: Mirah Diow,




(Last updated 5/25/16)



University of Kentucky

Founded: Feb. 11, 1993, 40th Official Group

President: Lori Miller,, ALA Student Chapter, University of Kentucky, 329 Little Library Building, Lexington, Kentucky 40506; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lisa O'Connor,; Director: Jeffrey Huber,




(Last updated 6/2/15)



Louisiana State University

Founded: Apr. 3, 1985, 7th Official Group

President: Samantha Belmont Sawyer,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Info. Science, Louisiana State University, 267 Coates Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803;; Faculty Advisor: Suzanne Stauffer,; Interim Director: Ed Holton, 225-578-3158; Fax: 225-578-4581

(Last updated 9/31/15)



University of Maryland

Founded: Mar. 18, 2007, 56th Official Group

Executive Board:  Jessica Ault,; ALA Student Chapter, c/o Paul Jaeger, College of Information Studies, Room 4110 Hornbake Library Building, South Wing, University of Maryland, College Park, MD;; Faculty Advisors: John Bertot ; Paul Jaeger ; Ann Weeks . Dean: Jennifer Preece, (301) 405-2035.




(Last updated 5/19/15)



Simmons College School of Library and Information Science

Founded: May 7, 1991, 29th Official Group

President: Katelyn Bennett, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115-5898,  Faculty Advisors: Mary Wilkins Jordan,; Em Claire Knowles,; Dean: Eileen Abels,




(Last updated 5/19/16)



University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Founded: Dec. 1, 1980, 1st Official Group

President: n/a,; ALA Student Chapter, School of Information, University of Michigan, North Quad, 105 South State Street., Ann Arbor, MI 48104; Faculty Advisor: Karen Markey,; Dean: Thomas Finholt.



(Last updated 5/3/16)

Wayne State University

Founded: Apr. 26, 1988, 19th Official Group

President: Amanda Gantchev,, ALA Student Chapter, Library Science Program, Wayne State University, 106 Kresge Library, Detroit, MI 48202;; Faculty Advisor: Jen Pecoskie,; Associate Dean and Professor: Stephen Bajjaly, Dean: Sandra Yee, (313) 577-6196, FAX (313) 577-4172


(Last updated 11/16/15)



St. Catherine University

Founded: May 10, 2011, 61st Official Group

Chair: Chayse Sundt,, Co-Chair: Katherine Warde,, Secretary: Wendy Dickman,, Treasurer: Salie Olson,; Faculty Advisor: Sarah Park Dahlen ( MLIS Program, St. Catherine University, Mail Stop #4125, 2004 Randolph Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105, Phone: 651.690.6802, Fax: 651.690.8742, Student chapter email:




(Last updated 06/3/16)



University of Southern Mississippi

Founded: May 5, 1983, 5th Official Group

President:  Charlotte Roi,; ALA Student Chapter, School of Library and Information Science, University of Southern Mississippi, Box 5146, Hattiesburg, MS 39406; Faculty Advisor: Xinyu Yu,; Director: Dr. Teresa Welsh,



(Last updated 9/8/16)



University of Missouri (Library and Information Science Graduate Student Association (LISGSA))

Founded: December 6, 1994, 43rd Official Group

President: Sarah Colbert,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Information Science & Learning Tech.,, University of Missouri, c/o Dr. Denice Adkins, University of Missouri, 303 Townsend, Columbia, MO 65211; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Denice Adkins,; 573-884-9804; Program Chair: Dr. Denice Adkins; Associate Division Director: Dr. Joi L. Moore.





New Jersey

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Founded: Mar. 12, 1987, 11th Official Group

Co-Presidents: Ally Blumenfeld,, and Carla Harwood,; ALA Student Chapter, Department of Library and Information Science, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University, 4 Huntington St., New Brunswick, NJ 08903, Email:; Faculty Advisor: Kay Cassell,; Chair: Ross Todd,; 848-932-7602





(Last updated 6/22/16)


New York

Long Island University

Founded: Oct. 2, 1989, 23rd Official Group

President: TBA, ALA Student Chapter, Palmer School of Library & Info. Science, Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus, 720 Northern Blvd., Brookville, NY 11548-1300; Faculty Advisor: Jose Fernando Pena,; Program Diretor: Jody Howard,

(Last updated 3/18/14)

Pratt Institute

Founded: Sep. 13, 2002 50th Official Group

President: Sarah Hackney,; Vice President: Alana Mohamed,; ALA Student Chapter, Pratt School of Information and Library Science, 144 West 14th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10011; Faculty Advisor: Irene Lopatovska,; Dean: Tula Giannini,



(Last updated 9/11/15)

Queens College, City University of New York

Founded: May 16, 1990, 25th Official Group

President: Ashley Bressingham,, ALA Student Chapter, Graduate School of Library & Info. Science, Queens College, City University of NY, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Colleen Cool; Chair: Dr. Colleen Cool (718) 997-3790, FAX (718) 997-3797


Last updated 9/14/15

University at Albany, State University of New York

Founded: Apr. 14, 1988, 4th Official Group

President: Kristen Thornton-De Stafeno,, ALA Student Chapter, Department of Information Studies, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, State University of New York, Albany, 135 Western Ave., Draper #116, Albany, NY 12222,; (518) 442-5110, FAX (518) 442-5367. Faculty Advisor: Hemalata Iyer,; Department Chair: Philip Eppard,; Interim Dean: Dr. Kim L. Boyer, (518) 442-5110, FAX (518) 442-5367.




(Last updated 5/12/16)

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Founded: Feb. 17, 1993, 39th Official Group

President: Jillian Hayes, ALA Student Chapter, Department Library Studies and Information Studies, State University of New York, Buffalo, 534 Baldy Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1020;  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brenda Battleson; Dean: Mary H. Gresham, Graduate School of Education, (716) 645-6640, FAX (716) 645-2479; Department Chair, Dr. Heidi Julien,  Dean/Director/Chair,





(Last updated 2/9/15)

St. John's University

Founded: November 1, 2010, 59th Official Group

President: Rachel Sferlazza,; ALA Student Chapter, Division of Library and Information Science, Queens Campus (Main Campus), St. John’s University, 8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, New York 11439, (718) 990-6200; Email:; Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Vorbach,; (718) 990-1834; Chair/Director: Dr. James Vorbach,

(Last updated 09/20/15)

Syracuse University

Founded: Oct. 7, 2002, 51st Official Group

Leadership Team: Felicia DaVolio,, Abigail Digel,, Alexa Hirsch (primary contact),, Eryn Stark,, Patrick Walker,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, 245 Hinds Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244; Faculty Advisor: Renee Franklin-Hill,; Staff Advisor: Blythe Bennett,


(Last updated 5/3/16)


North Carolina

East Carolina University

Founded: Feb. 28, 2005, 53rd Official Group

President: Michelle P. Osborne,, ALA Student Chapter, Library Science Program, East Carolina University, 103 Ragsdale Mail Stop: 172, Greenville, NC 27858; Faculty Advisors: Jami Jones, (252) 328-2732;; Department Chair: John Harer,



(Last updated 9/12/16)

North Carolina Central University

Founded: Apr. 14, 1988, 18th Official Group

President: Constance Caddell,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Info. Science, North Carolina Central University, 1801 Fayetteville Rd., P.O. Box 19586, Durham, NC 27707; Faculty Advisor: Ismail Abdullahi;; Dean: Irene Owens, (919) 530-5213, FAX (919) 530-6002



(Last updated 5/9/16)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Founded: Nov. 20, 1991, 33rd Official Group

President: Bethany Greene,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, CB #3360 100 Manning Hall, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3360; Faculty Advisor: Claudia Gollop,; Dean: Gary Marchionini,




(Last updated 05/2/16)

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Founded: Sept. 27, 1988, 21st Official Group

The new faculty advisor is

The department chair is

The student president is

President: Sarah Prescott,, ALA Student Chapter, ALA/LISSA, Department of Library & Info. Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 446 School of Education Building, P.O. Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170;  Faculty Advisors: Fatih Oguz, f_oguz@uncg.eduChair: Lee Shiflett,

(Last updated 9/10/15)






Kent State University

Founded: Oct. 22, 1989, 22nd Official Group

President: Gina Teti,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library Science, Kent State University, P.O. Box 5190, Kent, OH 44242; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daniel Roland,; Interim Director: Dr. Don Wicks,

(Last updated 10/5/12)



University of Oklahoma

Founded: Apr. 8, 1992, 36th Official Group

Co-Presidents: Cameron Smith, Kelly Sitzman, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Information Studies, University of Oklahoma, 401 W. Brooks St., Rm. 120, Norman, OK 73019-6032,; Faculty Advisor: Drs. Yong-Mi Kim, (Fall 2013), Betsy Martens, (Spring 2014) and John T. Snead, (2013-2014); Director: Cecelia Brown, (405) 325-3921, FAX (405) 325-7648.



(Last updated 05/14/14)

Northeastern State University

Founded: Feb. 22, 2006, 55th Official Group

President: Kara West,, ALA Student Chapter, Library Media & Info Tech. Program, Northeastern State University, BAC257, Broken Arrow, OK 74014; Faculty Advisor: Kelli Carney,; Dean: Debbie Landry (918) 449-6000, ext. 3742

(Last updated 10/12/16)



Clarion University

Founded: Apr. 13, 1992, 37th Official Group

President: Jessica Demarte, ALA Student Chapter, 210 Carlson Library, Clarion, PA 16214; Faculty Advisor: Dr. YooJin Ha, yha@clarion.eduChair: Dr. Linda Lillard,

(Last updated 9/19/16)


Drexel University

Founded: Jan. 23, 1991, 27th Official Group

President: April James,, ALA Student Chapter, College of Info. Sci. & Tech., Drexel University, 3141 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104-2875;; Faculty Advisor: Tim Siftar,; Dean: David Fenske, (215) 895-2474, FAX (215) 895-2494



(Last updated: 2/17/16)

University of Pittsburgh

Founded: Jan. 28, 1988, 15th Official Group

Presidents: Bryan James McGeary,,; ALA Student Chapter, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 505 IS Building, Pittsburgh, PA 15260; Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Mahoney,; Dean: Ron Larsen, (412) 624-5230, FAX (412) 624-5231



(Last updated: 10/11/15)


Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico

Founded: Dec. 12, 2000, 47th Official Group

President: TBA, ALA Student Chapter, Graduate School of Info. Sciences & Technologies, University of Puerto Rico, P.O. Box 21906, UPR Station, San Juan, PR 00931-1906; Faculty Advisor: Louisa Vigo-Cepeda, (787) 764-0000 x5031; Director: Consuelo Figueras-Alvarez, (787) 763-6199, FAX (787) 764-2311


Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island

Founded: Mar. 5, 1993, 41st Official Group

President: Sam Simas,; Vice President: Alyssa Taft; Secretary: Susan Chakmakian; Treasurer: Kathleen Fieffe; Webmaster: Sarah Mias; ALA Student Chapter, Graduate School of Library & Info. Studies, University of Rhode Island, Rodman Hall, 94 West Alumni Avenue, Kingston, RI 02881; Faculty Advisor: Lauren Mandel,



(Last updated 9/14/15)


South Carolina

University of South Carolina

Founded: Aug. 18, 1987, 12th Official Group

President: Heather O'Brien,, ALA Student Chapter, ALA/LISSA, Grad. School of Library & Info. Science, 1501 Greene Street, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208; Faculty Advisors: Elise Lewis,; 803-777-4688; Heather Moorefield-Lang, Director: Samantha Hastings, (803) 777-3858, FAX (803) 777-7938;

Chapter E-mail:





(Last updated 4/20/16)



University of Tennessee

Founded: Jan. 23, 1991, 28th Official Group

Presidents: Elizabeth G Wilson and Andrew Grissom, ALA Student Chapter, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 451 Communications Bldg., 1345 Circle Park Dr., Knoxville, TN 37996-0341; Faculty Advisor: Bharat Mehra,,(865)974-5917; Director: Edwin Cortez, (865) 974-2148, FAX (865) 974-4967



(Last updated 10/2/14)



Texas Woman’s University

Founded: Sept. 15, 1988, 20th Official Group

President: Christine De Angelis,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Info. Studies, Texas Woman's University, P.O. Box 425438, Denton, TX 76204-5438, Phone: 940-898-2602;; fax: 940-898-2611; Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Richey,;  Director: Ling Hwey Jeng; (940) 898-2603; FAX (940) 898-2611;




(Last updated 10/16/15)

University of North Texas

Founded: Feb. 18, 1997, 46th Official Group

President: Lorraine Sheldon,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Info. Science, University of North Texas, 1155 Union Circle #311068, Denton, TX 76203-5017;  Email:; Faculty Advisor: Faculty Advisors: Xin Wang,; Holly Dolan,; Fax: (940) 565-3101; Dean: Greg Jones; Dr. Suliman M. Hawamdeh, 




(Last updated 2/11/16)

University of Texas, Austin

Founded: Mar. 6, 1992, 35th Official Group

Co-Directors: Kelly Garrett,, Molly Roy,, and Alex Peterson, ALA Student Chapter, University of Texas at Austin, School of Information, Austin, TX 78701-1213; Faculty Advisor: April Kessler,; Dean: Andrew Dillon, (512) 471-3821, FAX (512) 471-3971



(Last updated 5/3/16)



University of Washington

Founded: Nov. 26, 1986, 9th Official Group

Presidents: Lauren Seegmiller,; Melanie Kay,; ALA Student Chapter, The Information School, University of Washington, Mary Gates Hall, Suite 370, Seattle, WA 98195-2840; Faculty Advisor: Susan Hildreth,, (206) 543-1887; Dean: Harry Bruce, (206) 616-0985, FAX (206) 616-3152


(Last updated 9/23/16)



University of Wisconsin, Madison

Founded: Apr. 14, 1982, 3rd Official Group

President:  Amanda Geske,; ALA Student Chapter, School of Library & Info. Studies, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Helen C. White Hall, 600 N. Park St., Madison, WI 53706; Faculty Advisor: Allison G. Kaplan,, 608-890-1335; Director: Kristin Eschenfelder,, (608) 263-2105



(Last updated 8/8/16)

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Founded: May 1, 1991, 30th Official Group

Chair:  Elizabeth Kamper,, ALA Student Chapter, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, NWQ B, P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53211; Faculty Advisor: Sharon Lake,; Dean: Tomas Lipinski,



(Last updated 9/19/16)