Foreign Credentials Evaluation Assistance

Job Seekers

This page is specifically for job seekers.  If you are an employer looking for credentialing assistance, see our page for employers

This information is intended for job seekers who obtained a degree in library and information science from a country other than the United States or Canada. 

The policy of the American Library Association (ALA) states:

"The master's degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association (or from a master's level program in library and information studies accredited or recognized by the appropriate national body of another country) is the appropriate professional degree for librarians."

The American Library Association does not conduct evaluations of transcripts or credentials or make recognition decisions.  We also cannot serve as a channel of appeal for persons dissatisfied with evaluations.

If you are seeking employment in a library in the United States, and received your degree outside of the U.S., you should consider having your credentials evaluated by an independent agency.  Several are listed below.

Once you get a determination concerning your course work, you can move forward with making a decision.  If the evaluation indicates that your course work is equivalent to master’s level study, then you could use it when you apply for employment.  You should understand however, that even having such a statement will not guarantee that you will be employed here in the U.S. as a librarian.  These decisions are determined entirely by individual employers.  The American Library Association has no influence in this area.

If the evaluation indicates that your credentials are lower than a master’s level, then you would need to decide if you are willing and/or able to complete an ALA-accredited masters program.    If you decide that you want to proceed with an educational program here in the U.S., you would then need to do some investigations into programs.  A good place to start is on our website.  Here are a couple of pages to look at:

1.  Guidelines for Choosing a Master's Program

2.  Directory of ALA-accredited master's programs in library and information studies

If you determine that you cannot complete a master’s level library program here in the U.S. but still want to work in a library, you may try finding employment in a library as support staff.    

The following countries have been identified as having "formal" accreditation processes and an individual who has received his/her degree from an institution in one of these countries is considered acceptable for employment in the United States. A list of the specific institutions can be found at:


Agencies that conduct evaluations of transcripts are listed below.

If you are aware of an appropriate national body within your country of origin who recognizes programs, please provide us with that information. In lieu of such an agency, there are a number of independent agencies in the U.S. which evaluate international credentials. Contact information for several companies is listed below.

Please note carefully that ALA cannot recommend a specific agency, nor does the provision of this information in any way imply ALA's endorsement of any of the companies listed or the results of any evaluation which may be conducted.  The resource links provided here are solely for information purposes and to help in locating potential evaluators.

Good luck with your library career.

If you have questions which have not been addressed by the information on this page, you may contact Beatrice Calvin, Program Officer for Placement and Recruitment, ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment at or via phone at 800/545/2433 ext. 4280.