Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award

Submission Deadline: Friday, December 7, 2018

The ACRL Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding member of the library profession who has made a significant national or international contribution to academic or research librarianship and library development.


Sponsored by GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO. Plaque and $5,000 award.


This award recognizes and honors achievement in such areas as:

  • Service to the organized profession through the Association of College and Research Libraries and related organizations
  • Significant and influential research on academic or research library service
  • Publication of a body of scholarly and/or theoretical writing contributing to academic or research library development
  • Planning and implementing a library program of such exemplary quality that it has served as a model for others


Electronic submissions are required. Applicants must submit a nomination form and supporting documents via email to Chase Ollis, The nomination form must be completed in its entirety. Nominations must be received by December 1, 2017, to receive full consideration. Nominations will be confirmed via email.

Supporting documents to accompany the nomination form include:

  • a letter from you supporting the nomination
  • a current vita for the person being nominated
  • as many letters as you wish from other librarians supporting the nomination
  • a high resolution photo of the nominee (at least 300 dpi), which will be used to make the official winner announcement immediately after the ALA Midwinter Meeting

All letters of support should be compiled by the nominator and sent along with the main nomination. Applications are kept in the award pool for three years. Applications may be updated each year, as long as they are received by the award deadline.

Individuals may nominate themselves or others. E-mail the nominating package to Chase Ollis at If sending multiple files, each file name must include the nominee's name.

Submission Deadline: Friday, December 7, 2018

Information & Assistance

Questions or requests for assistance in compiling a nomination should be directed to the chair, Jennifer Leigh Fabbi, California State University San Marcos, T: (760) 750-4350, E-mail: or Chase Ollis,

View the full award committee roster here.

Previous Recipients

David W. Lewis
2018 David W. Lewis
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Loretta Parham
2017 – Loretta Parham
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Susan K. Nutter
2016 – Susan K. Nutter
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Robert A. Seal
2015 – Robert A. Seal
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Tim Bucknall
2014 – Tim Bucknall
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2013 – Patricia Iannuzzi: Press Release | Acceptance

2012 – Paula Kaufman: Press Release | Acceptance

2011 – Janice Welburn: Press Release | Acceptance

2010 – Maureen Sullivan: Press Release

2009 – Gloriana St.Clair: Press Release | Acceptance

2008 – Peter Hernon: Press Release | Acceptance

2007 – Lizabeth (Betsy) A. Wilson: Acceptance

2006 – Ray English: Acceptance

2005 – Ravindra Nath (R.N.) Sharma: Acceptance

2004 – Tom Kirk: Acceptance

2003 – Ross Atkinson

2002 – Shelley E. Phipps

2001 – Larry Hardesty

2000 – Sharon Hogan

1999 – Hannelore B. Rader

1998 – Allen B. Veaner

1997 – James G. Neal

1996 – Ralph Russell

1995 – Joseph Boisse

1994 – Irene Braden Hoadley

1993 – William A. Moffett

1992 – Carla Stoffle

1991 – Richard DeGennaro

1990 – Patricia Battin

1989 – John P. McGowan

1988 – Edward G. Holley

1987 – Duane Webster

1986 – Margaret Beckman

1985 – Jessie Carney Smith

1984 – Richard D. Johnson

1983 – Richard Dougherty

1982 – William Budington

1981 – Beverly Lynch

1980 – Evan Farber

1979 – Henriette Avram & Frederick G. Kilgour

1978 – Keyes D. Metcalf and Robert B. Downs