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Mailing address:
Association of College and Research Libraries
American Library Association
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2795

Telephone: (312) 280-2523

Toll Free: 1 (800) 545-2433, ext. 2523
(between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CDT)

Fax: (312) 280-2520




margot conahan photo

Margot Conahan, Manager of Professional Development

  • Manages all aspects of ACRL’s professional development offerings, including the ACRL Conference, preconferences, institutes, and virtual conferences
  • Manages ACRL’s e-learning program
  • Coordinates the ACRL Colleagues Program for Conference


david connolly photo

David Connolly, Classified Advertising Coordinator/Editorial Assistant 

  • Manages job ads for C&RL News in print
  • Manages JobLIST, the online career site ACRL operates jointly with American Libraries and ALA’s Office of Human Resources Development and Recruitment
  • Contact for information about subscriptions, job ads, and manuscript submissions for C&RL News
  • Produces ACRL Briefing Book


Mark Cummings, CHOICE, Editor and Publisher
860-347-6933 x 119

  • CHOICE editor and publisher-designate
  • Develops new products from CHOICE's core content
  • Handles magazine and other product advertising sales, subscription services, and marketing promotions for CHOICE and ACRL serial publications
  • Oversees CHOICE Reviews Online
  • Oversees Resources for College Libraries


Mary Ellen Davis

Mary Ellen K. Davis, Executive Director

  • Directs activities of the ACRL and CHOICE offices
  • Coordinates policy implementation and strategic planning
  • Prepares ACRL’s budgets
  • Ex-officio member of ACRL’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors
  • Serves as official contact for higher education organizations
  • Grants, fundraising, development and approval

kathryn deiss

Kathryn Deiss, Content Strategist

  • Handles all questions about ACRL’s publications
  • Manages non-serial and monograph publications
  • Develops an overarching plan for integrating and sequencing ACRL content offerings to meet the needs of academic and research librarians, including content acquisitions and development of publications, seminars, institutes, e-Learning, etc.
  • Teams with other members of the ACRL staff to identify the appropriate format for content delivery
  • Provides organizational development and facilitation consulting services

david free

David Free, Editor-in-Chief of College and Research Libraries News/Marketing and Communications Specialist

  • Responsible for content and production of C&RL News in print and online
  • Develops marketing and communications plans for ACRL programs, publications, and services
  • Coordinates press releases and promotional activities
  • Coordinates ACRL’s Standards and Guidelines

ann-christe galloway

Ann-Christe Galloway, Production Editor

  • Copy and layout editor for  C&RL News in print and online
  • Writes “People in the News” and “Grants and Acquisitions” for C&RL News

megan bielefeld photo

Megan Griffin, Program Officer

  • Contact for section executive committees, rosters and appointments
  • Oversees ACRL's Annual Conference programs, CoPA unit special events and activities
  • Prepares ACRL’s ballots for the ALA annual elections

Sharon Mader

Sharon Mader, Visiting Program Officer for Information Literacy
800-545-2433 x5241

  • Coordinates ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education  initiative, working  with others on staff, member leaders, librarians, and higher education partners.
  • Serves as a member of the professional development training team for ACRL’s Standards for Libraries in Higher Education

kara malenfant photo

Kara Malenfant, Senior Strategist for Special Initiatives  

  • Coordinates ACRL’s government relations advocacy
  • Coordinates ACRL’s scholarly communication activities
  • Coordinates ACRL's Value of Academic Libraries initiative
  • Teams with others on staff to provide consulting services on organizational development and use of ACRL's Standards for Libraries in Higher Education

dawn mueller photo

Dawn Mueller, Senior Production Editor

  • Manages and produces all nonserial publications
  • Develops and maintains ACRL's website
  • Manages production of C&RL, RBM, and section newsletters
  • Primary design and production of all ACRL brochures and flyers


Chase Ollis

Chase Ollis, Program Coordinator

  • Manages ACRL’s awards program
  • Contact for ACRL Chapters
  • Contact for discussion and interest groups
  • Assists with professional development events


Tory Ondrla

Tory Ondrla, Conference Supervisor

  • Manages logistics for ACRL professional development events including the ACRL Conference, preconferences, workshops, institutes, the ACRL Conference, and  ACRL Board functions 

Allison Payne

Allison Payne, Program Officer

  • Coordinates activities of the Board of Directors (agenda and document preparation for Board meetings, etc.)
  • Manages division-level appointments and annual timeline
  • Coordinates budget preparation and review
  • Prepares and maintains ACRL's financial reports
  • Manages division-level committee annual work plans process and committee support

mary jane

Mary Jane Petrowski, Associate Director

  • Serves as Chief Operating Officer for ACRL
  • Coordinates ACRL membership promotion and retention activities
  • Coordinates Friends of ACRL
  • Coordinates advisory services, leader orientation, mentoring programs
  • Manages ACRL's  Academic Library Trends and Statistics program

Tom Radko

Thomas Radko, Editorial Director of CHOICE

  • Manages all aspects of the magazine, reviews-on-cards, and electronic databases
  • Coordinates the work of CHOICE's editorial staff
  • Plans the editorial calendar
  • Handles CHOICE's business and economics sections

Elois Sharpe

Elois Sharpe, Program Coordinator

  • Assists with division-level appointments and annual timeline
  • Coordinates ACRL meeting scheduling for ALA conferences
  • Coordinates donations processing
  • Assists with Board of Directors and Budget and Finance Committee
  • Contact for virtual meeting scheduling.