2016 Election Information

Cheryl A. Middleton elected ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect - Full press release
ACRL Candidates for 2016
A complete listing of ACRL Board and section candidates, including bios of vice-president/president-elect candidates Mark Emmons and Cheryl A. Middleton (from C&RL News, January 2016)

Statements from the vice-president/president-elect candidates
ACRL vice-president/president-elect candidates Mark Emmons and Cheryl A. Middleton share plans for ACRL (from C&RL News, February 2016)
Podcast interview with Mark Emmons and Cheryl A. Middleton. The candidates answer questions prepared by the ACRL Leadership Recruitment & Nominations Committee.
The 2016 candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect participated in an open online forum on Monday, March 7, 2016. A recording of the forum is available here
A listing of ACRL members running for ALA Council is available here.
Meet the Candidates
Profiles of the candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect, director-at-large, and councilor on the ACRL Board of Directors from ACRL Insider.
Mark Emmons (vice-president/president-elect)
Cheryl A. Middleton (vice-president/president-elect)
Jennifer Nutefall (director-at-large)
Emily Daly (director-at-large)
Caroline Fuchs (director-at-large)
Nancy J. Weiner (director-at-large)
Lynn Silipigny Connaway (councilor)
LeRoy LaFleur (councilor)
Election Details
Voting in the 2016 ALA/ACRL election began March 15, 2016.  Ballots closed on April 22, 2016.  More details are available on the ALA Election Page.