Recruiting to the Profession

Recruitment of the next generation of librarians is one of the most pressing issues facing the profession and the association today. Below are resources to help you better understand this issue and support your recruitment efforts.

ACRL Recruitment and Retention Wiki
A project of the ALA Emerging Leaders Program, this wiki is intended to provide a thorough listing of recruitment and retention resources from the perspective of both the employer and the employee.

Achieving Racial and Ethnic Diversity among Academic and Research Librarians: The Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement of Librarians of Color (October 2006)
A White Paper by the ACRL Board of Directors Diversity Task Force, produced by Teresa Y. Neely, Ph.D. and Lorna Peterson, Ph.D.

Culture Keepers VI
A companion piece to the ACRL Diversity White Paper by Julie Todaro.

Recruitment, Retention & Restructuring: Human Resources in Academic Libraries (May 2002)
This white paper, prepared by the Ad Hoc Task Force on Recruitment & Retention Issues (a subcommittee of the Association of College & Research Libraries Personnel Administrators & Staff Development Officers Discussion Group) summarizes the labor gap currently facing academic and research libraries, outlines the related issues and themes, and provides strategies for dealing with recruitment and retention issues in your library. The document is also available in  PDF

You Might be an Academic or Research Librarian if . . .  (PDF)
A recruitment flyer to help prospective librarians understand the appeal of working in an academic or research library as well as the nature of the work. Suitable for use at outreach activities including student information fairs, library school presentations, career centers, etc.

A Great Career @ your library (PDF)
ACRL's recruitment brochure with information on why and how to become an academic librarian. A great recruitment tool!

Top Issues Facing Academic Libraries
This article from the June 2016 issue of C&RL News outlines the primary issues facing academic libraries today, including recruitment, education, and retention of librarians. The findings in the article are the results of research conducted by ACRL's Research Planning and Review Committee.

Voices of the Future: Next Generation Professionals Speak
A May 2008 article in C&RL News summarizes discussions with UCLA library school students and early-career librarians in focus groups facilitated by 2007-08 ACRL President Julie Todaro. Two separate 90-minute focus groups were designed to elicit comments about career choices and interests and desired working environments and conditions in order to learn more about the perspectives of the next generation of library professionals.

UCLA Early-Career Librarians Focus Group Summary (PDF)
UCLA Library School Students Focus Group Summary (PDF)