Caldecott Award Selection Committee - 2016

Committee members

Rachel Godwin Payne, Chair
Lauren Mary Anduri
Alan R. Bailey
Jill Bellomy
Sharon Deeds
Brian Fahey
Laura A. Given
Celia Wadsworth Jackson
Elise R. Katz
Karen Ann MacPherson
Nicole Powell
Tess Prendergast
Jennifer Kay Ralston
Tessa Michaelson Schmidt
Sarah Bean Thompson

Committee resources

Caldecott Medal Manual (Word)
Caldecott Medal Manual (PDF)
Policy for Service on ALSC Award Committees (Word)
Frequently asked questions regarding policy for service (PDF)
Awards Diversity and Inclusion Discussion  with Kathleen T. Horning- This discussion took place at the 2015 ALA conference in San Francisco with Kathleen Horning and the 2016 Chairs of the ALSC Awards and Notable Children's Lists Committees.