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Library Services for Graduate Students, December 9, 2015

Next Meeting

EBSS 2016 Midwinter Meeting: Boston, MA

  • EBSS Committee meetings will be held virtually. Agendas will be posted when they are available.

Past Meetings

EBSS 2015 Annual Meeting: San Francisco, CA 

EBSS 2015 Midwinter Meeting: Chicago, IL

EBSS 2014 Annual Meeting: Las Vegas, NV

EBSS 2014 Midwinter Meeting: Philadelphia, PA 

EBSS 2013 Annual Meeting: Chicago, IL

EBSS 2013 Midwinter Meeting: Seattle, WA

EBSS 2012 Annual Meeting: Anaheim, CA

EBSS 2012 Midwinter Meeting: Dallas, TX & Virtual Meetings

EBSS 2011 Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA

EBSS 2011 Midwinter Meeting San Diego, CA

EBSS 2010 Annual Meeting Washington, D.C.


EBSS 2010 Midwinter Meeting Boston, MA


EBSS 2009 Annual Meeting Chicago, IL


EBSS 2009 Midwinter Meeting Denver, CO


EBSS 2008 Annual Meeting Anaheim, CA


EBSS 2008 Midwinter Meeting Philadelphia, PA


EBSS 2007 Annual Meeting Washington, D.C.


EBSS 2007 Midwinter Meeting Seattle, WA


EBSS 2006 Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA

EBSS 2006 Midwinter Meeting San Antonio, TX