International Relations Committee (IRC)

International Relations Committee (IRC)
50 East Huron Street
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History and Composition

Created in 1923. Functions approved by Council in 1931. Made a Board Committee in 1942 and continued as a standing committee under the reorganization of 1956. Became a Council Committee in 1972. Charge revised June 1993. Size changed from 8 members to 12 members, June 1993. Committee composed of 11 members with two-year staggered terms, with chair appointed annually.


To have full responsibility for the Association's international relations programs and initiatives; to work with the International Relations Round Table (IRRT), division international Relations committees, and other units of the Association in promoting the exchange of professional information, techniques and knowledge, as well as personnel and literature between and among libraries and individuals throughout the world; to advocate the recognition of the international aspects of the library profession and its priority within ALA; to recommend international relations policy for Council approval and to take the necessary steps for implementation; to make recommendations to the ALA Executive Board for appointments or nominations to international organizations (IFLA, etc.) and other agencies concerned with international library and information services (IREX, etc.); to administer programs of the Association focused on international relations (awards, recognition, exchanges); to promote program and publication activities on international relations by the Association and its divisions and committees; to maintain communication, when appropriate, with other library and information service organizations concerned with international relations; to represent the Association's view to organizations and agencies outside the ALA that are concerned with international relations of libraries; to encourage active participation by US librarians in the work of international organizations.



Committee Roster


Emily Drabinski (2019-2020)
Long Island University


Past Chair

Robin Kear (2019-2020)
University of Pittsburgh

International Relations Committee Roster - Full committee roster (ALA members only)

Staff Liaison

Michael Dowling, Director, International Relations Office, inside U.S inside U.S. (800) 545-2433, ext. 3200, outside U.S. 312-280-3200, Fax: (312) 280-4392,



IRC Agendas

All files open in MS Word.

Annual | Midwinter

Annual | Midwinter

Annual | Midwinter

Annual | Midwinter

Annual | Midwinter


Initiatives & Projects

Libraries=Strong Communities
Loida Garcia-Febo Presidential efforts to contribute to ALA’s existing work in the area of International Relations

IFLA's 85th Annual Conference
The 85th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, will take place in Athens, Greece, August 24-30, 2019. The ALA membership number to use for your IFLA Conference registration is US-0002.

ALA Divisions with International Relations Committees

  • ACRL - Academic Library Services to International Students Interest Group
  • ALCTS - International Relations Committee


Social Networking

ALAWorld - The purpose of the ALAWorld Listserv is to foster international cooperation and understanding between libraries by providing a forum for sharing news, including educational and exchange opportunities, about libraries around the world and international entities affecting libraries.


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