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Susan Hildreth, ALA Treasurer 2016-2019

Susan Hildreth

Treasurer (2016-2019)

2229 Ptarmigan Dr., #1
Walnut Creek, CA  94595
Cell: (206) 619-5030

ALA Seeks Candidates for Endowment Trustee Openings (2)

April 13, 2017
Applications are now being accepted for two expiring/renewable terms on the ALA Endowment Trustees. 
The candidates will be selected by the ALA Executive Board at their 2017 ALA Annual Conference Meeting, which will be held June 22nd – 27th in Chicago, IL.  Newly selected Trustees will begin serving a three-year term immediately at the conclusion of the 2017 ALA Annual Conference. The term will expire at the conclusion of the 2020 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. 
The deadline for receiving applications is June 1, 2017.

The ALA Dollar

I am pleased to present our ALA Dollar infographics, which answer two simple but important questions for members and potential members:

1.      What are ALA’s funding sources: Where Does an ALA Dollar Come From (PDF)?

2.      What are the ALA’s funding uses: Where Does an ALA Dollar Go (PDF)?

ALA funding sources include your membership dues dollars and funds generated from our publishing activities, conferences and educational programs, and the grants we receive. For roughly every $1 in membership dues revenue, the Association generates an additional $4 in other revenue. 

ALA carefully uses these funds to advance our mission via the strategic directions of advocacy, literacy, diversity and equity of access, information policy and intellectual freedom, and professional and leadership development – supporting and serving our members, libraries, and the profession.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Susan

U.S. dollar bill in segments to represent where revenue for the American Library Association comes from: 17% dues; 27% meetings and conferences; 36% publishing; 9% grants and awards; 4% interest and dividends; 7% other.  For every dollar in dues, ALA generates an additional four dollars in revenue from publications, meetings and conferences, grants and awards, interest and dividends and other revenue sources. Percentages are based on the 2016 ALA budget and include revenues from divisions, round tables, and the ALA general fund. “Interest & Dividends” includes interest income and support from the ALA Endowment Fund. “Other” includes donations, royalties, and miscellaneous fees and revenues.


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Financial Learning

ALA Financial Learning Series brought to you by BARC and the Finance Staff

The Governance and Finance & Accounting offices along with members of the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) have created the online ALA Financial Learning Series. The purpose of these webcasts is to provide the viewer with a basic understanding of ALA’s finances and how it impacts all areas/units of the Association. These webcasts are designed to expand on and support the information provided at the ALA Finance Workshop, which is an education session held by BARC at each Midwinter Meeting. Although the information provided in these webcasts is general in nature, everyone who views them can benefit – members, member leaders, funders, vendors, sponsors and the general public.

Please take the opportunity to review the webcast offerings and select those that are of particular interest to you. Note that additional offerings will be added as areas of interest are identified.

The ALA Financial Handbook

The ALA Financial Handbook reflects current American Library Association operational regulations and procedures in regard to Association finances.  Compiled by the ALA Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC), the Handbook is intended to provide assistance and background information to ALA members, Division and Round Table members and staff who are involved in the financial operations and decision-making in their respective Association units. It will be reviewed annually by BARC and staff and updated as new information becomes available. Note that selected references to important documents and information are presented as links to the ALA website.  February 2015

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Prior Year Financial Reports to Executive Board

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