IRRT's Endowment Campaign

We are halfway through our $50,000 goal to establish IRRT's Endowment.

Help us reach that goal! 

Celebrating more than 60 years of service!

Over the years the International Relations Round Table has provided opportunity for countless numbers of librarians to participate in global advancement of the profession. Round Table programs and receptions have been highlights of the association’s annual meetings. ALA membership at large has benefited from contact at conferences with colleagues from every corner of the world. Many international librarians’ first encounter with American library practice has been through the work of IRRT. Over the sixty years of its existence IRRT has fostered opportunities for U.S. librarians to visit libraries in other countries and to work overseas in exchange and other programs. It has facilitated the donation of books to needy institutions abroad and provided professional expertise to libraries on every continent. To maintain and expand these important activities resources from an ongoing fund are essential.

How to donate

Make your tax deductible donation in either of the following ways:

  • Credit card: Please visit the ALA Development Office page (1. click on the GIVEALA logo, 2. Enter your ALA Login number and password or create a new record, 3. Go to "ALA Round Tables", 4. Scroll down to International Relations Round Table-60th Anniversary Endowment Campaign, 5. Enter amount you wish to donate, 6. If finished, click the 'Checkout' box, 7. Review your transaction, 8. Click on "Add to basket", 9. Click on "Proceed with Checkout", 10. Enter your credit card information, 11. Click on 'Complete Order')
  • Send a contribution by mail, using the printable mail-in form (PDF format MS Word format). Complete form to the attention of Delin Guerra at ALA's International Relations Office, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 6011-2795, USA


LIST OF DONORS - Thank you to everyone who has contributed to IRRT's Endowment Campaign.



IRRT Chairs 1949-2015

Thank you to all the Past, Present, and Future IRRT Chairs! (Word document)



IRRT Endowment Committee

Current IRRT Endowment Committee Members

Susan Schnuer
Associate Director
University of Illinois 
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
Email: schnuer[@]


Jeannette Pierce
Associate Director for Research and Information Services
University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries
Email: piercejea[@]


Jamie Luedtke
Program Coordinator
University of Illinois 
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
Email: jamie.luedtke[@]


Shali Zhang
Dean of Libraries
University of Montana, Mansfield Library
Email: shali.zhang[@]


Past Committee Members

Jordan M. Scepanski (IRRT Chair 1990-1991)
H. Lea Wells (IRRT Chair 2001-2002)