Front Page Tabs

What are Front Page Tabs?blocks containing front page tabs from ALA and AASL

Front Page tabs make for easy access to feeds using  RSS & Twitter.  Check out how they are contained within special blocks on the landing pages of most of the ALA microsites.

Your site will need to have a block in order for your Front Page Tab to be visible.  These special blocks are configured by ITTS and require a TrackIt request if your microsite does not have one. Once the block is configured for the front page of your site, you will see the Front Page Tabs content type in the list when you use the Add content command, assuming you have the rights.

How do I add a Front Page Tab?

Remember, you are adding one tab at a time to a block that already exists on the front page of your site.

  1. Choose Add Content command and select the Front Page Tab content type.
  2. Add a title to the title field.
  3. Select a weight between -50 and 50. Smaller numbers will shift left.
  4. Select either the Twitter, RSS or Tagged Content tabs on the left.
  5. Add the Twitter hash tag or username, the RSS feed, or a comma separated list of terms to pull tagged content. The Body field can be used to create announcements separate from the feeds, or additional text, such as More links.
  6. Scroll down and use the Save button.

Where and When  will I see my new Front Page Tab?

If you keep the default Publishing settings, you will notice that the check box entitled Promoted to Front Page will be checked.  This means that it will appear on the Landing page of the microsite in the configured block upon browser refresh.

Can I influence the tab order?weight value location in Edit mode.  The lower the value, the closer to the left the tab will be in relation to the weight values of the other tabs

Yes.  The order of the tab is determined by the value in the Weight field.  The lower the value, the more to the left the tab will shift in relation to the weight values of the other tabs.