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Person the group should contact if they have questions about this request.

Here are the instructions and templates for creating feature slides for highlights. Images must have "ALA" on them. When your image is ready, upload it here, preferably as a Photoshop project file or as a composite in a lossless format, such as PNG. 

Due to a bug, do not press the "Upload" button. Simply select the file, and then submit the form.
This is read to those accessing the site with a screen reader. Your message should include any text incorporated into the image.

Line breaks are not supported.  Enclose bold text in *asterisks* and italicized text in _underscores._

If the text is too long, we reserve the right to edit.  The example below is about as lengthy as a horizontal slide can be.  Vertical slides can carry more text.

This is the location your slide will take visitors to; provide the complete URL, beginning with HTTP. We will decide whether it can be installed as a relative path.