Awards and Grants

What are Awards, Grants & Scholarships?

The site can be found at:

Also referred to as Awards & Grants, it is a customized site made up of the database which archives historical data for every award, grant or scholarship ever awarded by ALA.  This  undertaking not only includes Award detail, but history, sponsors, winners and application information. This data makes possible unit specific views on every aspect of ALA awards. It is critical to keep the database updated,  so the resulting views and  web pages will dynamically update.

This site takes advantage of  views powered by specific taxonomies and award fields that display in a number of places so that our stakeholders (applicants, sponsors, members, winners, staff, press, and the public) can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

How do I Manage My Awards?

There are four (4) main tasks that you have rights to do on your awards to maintain them?

Button entitled, "Announce Award Winners"Announce Award Winners

When someone wins the award, that recognition is recorded in the Awards and Grants database.  You can add as many winners as you need to any award that you have rights to edit.  Using the "Add Winner" links in the right bar will launch the Award Winner content type for you to add the winner's details for public display on the site.

Critical: You must change the YEAR.  It does NOT default  to the current year, and this is the only way to record the correct year accurately with the current revision.

If the winner is a group or institution, you don’t need anymore information.  But if it is a person, there is generally more info about that person that you want to be visible to the public and fill out the appropriate info.  Follow this link for step by step how to on adding Award Winners that are individuals.


Button entitled "Revise Award Details"

Revise Award Details

Each term the grant or award is offered, the application deadlines, application forms, requirements should be updated.  Once you find the award

and login with admin credentials you should see the Edit link in the right bar to edit the award or grant with the updated information.  Changes to the award should include Revision notes and will display after the saved updates are Moderated.  Award editors can moderate their revisions by Publishing them using the Manage Award revisions and Moderate updates page.



Button entitled, "Rollout New Grant or Award"Rollout a New Grant or Award

If the award does not yet exist and you need to add it to the awards and grants database, simply login and select any award to see the right bar where the Add Award link is to launch a new custom content-type that will store all the particulars about the award.






Button entitled, "Change Award Name and or SponsorChange Award Name and or Sponsor

Sponsor records must be carefully changed so as not to delete the previous sponsor, who may also be a continuing sponsor on another award, grant or scholarship. Typically if an award has a new sponsor and a new name, it is added as a New Award, with references pointing back to it's predecessor.  Contact Pam Akins,  or  Rebecca Gerber, when a sponsor or name change is required.





Online Applications

Take advantage of the power of Drupal webforms, and have ITTS remake your applications so that they can be submitted online and emailed to the awards committee or whomever you specify. The application date can be easily updated online as needed in less than five minutes, and there will be no need to upload PDF or other files.

To request a form conversion, enter a TrackIT ticket. Attach a sample of the form, as well as a list of who should receive email notifications, and (optional) which person should be able to access all results online.


How is the Award History Maintained?

There are three ways:

Version Control

Because we need to preserve prior award versions, to document history accurately, each revision of a page represents a historical version of the award in Drupal.

Special Content types

Four (4) content types are specifically associated with Awards and Grants:

  • Award - Add, Revise and Publish important award details to general public.
  • Award Donor -Details about award sponsors, and their awards.  Handled by site admin only to manage integrity of the historical sponsor data.
  • Award Landing Page - Main page managed exclusively by site admin.  Propose changes to ITTS via TrackIT for consideration.
  • Award Winner - Add winner details.  Winners can be a team or organization, individuals, a book or media product, depending on the award.


Permission for most awards/grants are restricted to one author/editor at a time. When your unit's assigned author is not able to make the updates, use TrackIT! to have ITTS assign the new author to the award(s).