Site Setup Instructions for ITTS

  1. If login is broke, get Rob to fix it
  2. modules:
    • ALA Feature Slideshows and Tabs
    • ALA Quicklinks Syndication
    • ALA Nodepool
    • ALA Navpod Structure
    • ALA Navpod Features
    • ALA Listing Pages
    • Lightbox2
  3. Make some pages
  4. Make a menu called:
    !Left Navigation: [name of site]
    This is where to edit the left navigation. Links should be in alphabetical order, with the following exceptions: Chronological materials, such as online journals, should be in reverse date order so that the newest issue is at the top of the list. Functional lists of how-to or other procedural information should include numbers in the link titles and be ordered in numerical order.
  5. Make another menu with the word quicklinks in it, don't add anything to it
  6. Grant access to ALA admins for Context UI, Menu, Blocks, Views, etc.
  7. Edit the ala_menus context
    • Add Quicklinks menu to "Menu Bar" area
    • Add !Left Navigation and ALA Social Networking to first sidebar
  8. Seems like front_page context already exists and has slides & tabs in there. If it's not, create it: path = <front>, reaction: blocks
  9. Go to homepage, edit !Left Navigation block, add <none> to title.
    • Clear cache.
  10. If you want a certain node to be the homepage, to go Configuration --> Site Information. -OR- give that node the URL alias of home.
  11. Create slides & tabs if wanted. Blocks will not show without some slide & tab nodes.
  12. Go to Appearance to edit the theme. Add banner, favicon, set homepage banner link, add branding text.
  13. Check in Configuration that the correct Google Analytics code has been installed.