Feature Slides

What is a Feature Slide?Homepage Feature Slide example

A feature slide is the way to get your initiatives, events, etc. featured on the ALA homepage in the slide show or on the slideshow of another portion of the website. For homepage Feature Slides, check out the layout of the ALA homepage, and pay attention to the guidelines below as you prepare your feature slide.

Note that divisions and microsites whose oversight groups do not contain stakeholders from other units can simply install slides on their microsite without going through the Homepage Feature Slide Submission Form process described below. Use the form to request that your slide be featured on the ALA Homepage or on microsites other than your own.

Anatomy of the Feature Slide

In this example, please note the three visual elements:

Zoomed in image of feature slide with highlight of each area: Image, Headline and 3 lines of text

1) the image, 2) the headline, and 3) three or four lines of text. The headline and text are not part of the image, so do not include them there, as they will be installed separately. There are two additional elements not illustrated: 4) alternate text for the image and 5) the URL to the page you want visitors to see.

How to Prepare a Feature Slide

Step 1: Create the Image

Prepare a 467x174 pixel PSD or otherwise lossless image (PNG, BMP etc.) to submit with the form, with the important visual information located in one of these three areas: the top 60%, since the bottom 40% should have the screened area that the text shows on, or 33% on either the left or right side, with text to show in the larger area adjacent. Use the graphics department or try this PowerPoint template to try your hand at designing one yourself.

New in 2013: It's possible to enlarge the slide show to 700 x 258.  Prepare slides to the new size. Remove either your left menu or your right column pods, depending on your site's design and then configure the slide block to display Size of Slideshow: Large. (If you don't have Block configuration rights, ask ITTS to complete this last step for you.)

Step 2: Create Copy for Alternate Text

Screen readers should be able to describe, in detail, the contents of your image. Provide up to 100 characters of alt text to describe your image (this is read out loud to visitors using screen readers). Note: Slides without alt text will not be installed.

Step 3: Headline Text

Create a descriptive, concise headline. This text will be bolded.

Step 4:  Include Feature Detail Text

Create brief text (about 200 characters, more if you are using the large slide show option) for the general content field. These text fields will display over the right side, left side or the bottom of your image, depending on the choice you make in Step 6, so please ensure that there is no text in that area of the image.

Step 5: Link to the Relevant Highlighted Content

Since the entire feature slide box is a link to your content page, include the URL to the page you want featured. (Make sure the page is created or updated, as appropriate.)

Include the start and expiration dates with your request.

Step 6: Choose the Text Orientation in the dropdown box.

Step 7: Install the Slide OR Submit the Form

Once you have the slide prepared, install it on your microsite if you have rights. To request your slide display on the ALA homepage or on other unit's microsites, submit the Homepage Feature Slide Submission Form.  ALA staff members can login to view and submit the form.


anatomy of feature slide request form

Notes to Consider:

  • ALA must have the legal right to use the image. Do not submit images that we do not have the right to use.  (You may wish to plan ahead if you do not have staff available to prepare images for you. Production Services should be able to assist units, for a nominal fee, in creating graphics for slides.
  • Time sensitive slides take priority over evergreen slides.
  • For time-sensitive slides, the start date should reflect the date by which you will have your content page completed or the date your event registration opens; your expiration date is the latest date the highlight should be available.
  • Start and End dates will be used primarily to set the expiration date on your highlight. We may not be able to honor your request to feature a highlight for longer than one week.
  • If your feature slide is not time sensitive, let us know that it is evergreen, a term we are using to describe slides that can be displayed whenever an opening is available.
  • We cannot guarantee whether your evergreen slide will be displayed, or the length of time that it will be available.
  • If the feature slide should not be displayed before a certain time on the launch date, inform us of the earliest time the slide can be shown.

Templates for your Use

Download the Photoshop or PNG templates to create a new feature slide.

When Will I See my Feature Slide?

Due to high demand and limited space, some types of ALA events, such as pre-conferences, will not be featured. If you are not sure whether your event qualifies for a feature slide, contact the ala-homepage-web-group@ala.org

What if I need to Change-Remove my Feature Slide?

Submit special instructions via TrackIT! detailing the specific updates needed.