Feature Slides

Feature slides are a way to visually highlight an initiative, event, or news piece, etc. in order to grab a viewer’s attention and direct them to your web page. A feature slideshow is the content type that makes it possible to display feature slides. Once a slideshow exists on a microsite, slides can be posted to it. The ALA homepage,* your microsite home page, and any page on the website that contains a feature slideshow are available to display appropriate feature slides.

Branding Requirements

Note that all feature slides should clearly communicate the promotion's relationship to ALA. When the responsive redesign launches, the updated slide template will have a built in area for this branding. Until then, please:

  1. Include an appropriate version of the following in your graphic, using text color contrast that meets accessibility standards:
    • A [project, event, award, or ....] of the [acronym or name of unit], a/an [division, office, round table, initiative, or ...] of [ALA or the American Library Association].
  2. Include the information in your image alt text.
  3. The location of the branding statement can vary according to the graphic design. Two possible locations to consider are across either the top or bottom of the image.

ALA Homepage Display

For slides that will display on the  ALA home page, please submit the Home Page Submission Form. Be sure to review the graphics guidelines of the ALA Web Style Guide, but note that they have not yet been updated to include the branding requirements information, above.

Create a Feature Slide Show

The Feature Slideshow is composed of a container and the slides that are designed to display in the show, also known as Features Slideshow Slides.  The steps to design the slide graphics that are:

  1. Design the slide images (parameters are listed below).
  2. Upload each slide image, individually to the site &
  3. Create a Feature Slideshow container

How long can my Feature Slide stay on the ALA Home / Other pages?

Please review the Publication and Retention Guidelines outlining the site, type of feature and whether a website refresh is required

Templates (Photoshop, PNG)

Download the Photoshop or PNG templates to create a new feature slide for any portion of the site still using the text overlay slide style.

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