Feature Slides

What is a Feature Slideshow?

A feature slideshow is a way to visually highlight an initiative, event, or news piece, etc. in order to help grab a viewer’s attention and direct them to your web page. These slideshows can be posted to the ALA homepage*, your micro site home pages, as well as any page on the website.

For slides that will display on the  ALA home page, please submit the Home Page Submission Form. Be sure to review the Graphics guidelines on this page of the ALA Web Style Guide.

Create a Feature Slide Show

The Feature Slideshow is composed of a container and the slides that are designed to display in the show, also known as Features Slideshow Slides.  The steps to design the slide graphics that are:

  1. Design the slide images (parameters are listed below).
  2. Upload each slide image, individually to the site &
  3. Create a Feature Slideshow container

How long can my Feature Slide stay on the ALA Home / Other pages?

Please review the Publication and Retention Guidelines outlining the site, type of feature and whether a website refresh is required

Templates (Photoshop, PNG)

Download the Photoshop or PNG templates to create a new feature slide for any portion of the site still using the text overlay slide style.

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