Committee Pages

Create Committees in Drupal

Take advantage of the power of the Committee Content type to dynamically populate Committee rosters based on iMIS data as well as Posts from your ALA Connect group page. If you have the Committee code (members ask your Staff Liaison), you can create a Committee page using these instructions!

Login/Add Content

Screenshot of selection for Content editors to choose Committee content

Add Committee Code and Title

Screenshot of Committee Code, title and ID fields

Leave the Roster Empty (If you plan to pull the data dynamically from iMIS)

Screenshot of Roster field for Committee Content

Insert RSS Feeds for Public Posts

Screen shot of RSS feed fields and where to get them from ALA Connect

Scroll to add Resources or Links to files

Screenshot of Resources field

Watch for instruction under optional Committee fields

Screenshot of other optional fields with highlights of onscreen instruction on how to complete it.

Enter SEO Metadata, and Taxonomies.  Save and Preview.

Screen shot of SEO and Metadata fields with highlight on Taxonomies menu command

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