Important Information for Offices Content Editors:

Site Administrators

Your volunteer site admins are Erik Cameron, Wendy Prellwitz, and Jacob Roberts. They will be working with you to make decisions. They can install homepage content, feeds, widgets, pods, and slides if the offices choose to use them on the site’s home page.

Offices that have materials that they believe should be displayed in existing or to-be-created parts of the website outside of offices (such as aboutala, onlinelearning, advocacy) should open a conversation with the site admins.


Drupal permissions work differently than Collage. You will have access to everything in the offices area for those content types for which you have edit rights. To unpublish content, use that feature.

Deletion Rights

 To prevent difficulties since Drupal doesn’t have a recycle bin, deletion rights will be reserved to the site admins and ITTS. For now, if you need something deleted that’s under your control, either contact one of your site admins or put in a TrackIT with the details.

Understanding how to build URLS in the Offices area

URLs, naming conventions and folders are of critical importance. Drupal does not have a folder structure but we have mocked up structures to bring over the existing URLs. When making a new page in the offices area, uncheck the auto-URL feature as shown in training, and create a URL that starts with your office’s acronym or name as shown in the existing file structures. This will put it in your area, and make it possible for you to locate it when needed. Drupal does not allow duplicate file names, so it is critical that you not create files with easily confused names. Searching for your materials in Drupal to make edits may prove confusing. Login, locate published materials on the website and then edit them.