Welcome to ALA Tech Support!

Our goal is to promote capability for our member-volunteers and staff as they work with technologies supported by the Office of Information Technology and Telecommunication Services (ITTS). The ITTS Helpdesk can be reached by phone at (312) 280-3273.

In addition to how-to, videos and best practices, users will find:

  • Access to ALA Remote Resources- if you would like an overview, please email Jules jkloeppel@ala.org
  • Blog support
  • Google Analytics access and how to interpret findings for ALA
  • Sandboxes in Drupal to practice new capability for website content editors
  • Social Media best practices as developed by the Social Media Working Group
  • Support contacts and resources for Offices and Round Tables

Suggestions, including collaboration proposals, should be sent to Julianna Kloeppel, eLearning Specialist in ITTS at (800) 545-2433 ext 2461 or locally at (312) 280-2461.

We hope you find this a valuable resource for keeping current with technology and best practices at ALA.

About Staff-Only Pages

To protect our resources and comply with licensing agreements, some pages on this site are only visible to ALA staff and require login with a staff ID. Forgot your username or password? No problem.  Use the link to reset your credentials and check your staff email account.  Note: A member ID will not work to see staff-specific material.  Staff who are also ALA members will need to also have a staff ID set up in the database. Contact Julianna Kloeppel or submit a TrackIt request if you have access issues on the site.

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