Assessment strategies in technical services

CHICAGO — Are you spending money wisely? If you’re a technical services manager at an academic library, an administrator, or a dean, you’re tasked with proving it. Incorporate assessment and analysis work into your library’s existing workflow with the guidance of “Assessment Strategies in Technical Services,” published by ALA Editions, a new collection from the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) edited by Kimberley A.

A toolkit for public library directors

CHICAGO — New public library directors quickly learn what seasoned directors already know: running a library means you’ve always got your hands full—balancing the needs of staff, patrons, facilities, library boards, and other stakeholders with professional responsibilities like community interactions, legal and financial requirements, and whole lot else that wasn’t exactly in the job description.

Beyond banned books

CHICAGO — Equitable access to information for all, including underserved populations, is a core value of librarianship. The growing awareness of where this inequality persists has led many professionals to take steps to advance social justice within their institutions, from creating book displays about the Black Lives Matter movement or LGBT History Month to hosting programs by potentially controversial speakers.

Library web development problems and solutions

CHICAGO — Plenty of resources offer you snippets of code and a variety of tutorials can show you the solutions to web development problems. But it’s much more valuable (and a better investment of your time!) to learn some core problem-solving skills.

25 projects for global explorers

CHICAGO — With the increased emphasis on incorporating STEM activities in children’s curriculum at ever earlier ages, often neglected are opportunities to explore subjects outside the sciences, or simply to give children the time and space to use their imagination. Christine M.

An introduction to information policy issues

CHICAGO — The first book of its kind, “Foundations of Information Policy,” published by ALA Neal-Schuman, provides a much-needed introduction to the myriad information policy issues that impact information professionals, information institutions, and the patrons and communities served by those institutions. This key textbook for LIS students and reference text for practitioners includes a foreword by Alan S. Inouye and an afterword by Nancy Kranich. Inside, noted scholars Paul T.

New from ACRL - “Scholarship in the Sandbox”

CHICAGO – The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announces the publication of “Scholarship in the Sandbox: Academic Libraries as Laboratories, Forums, and Archives for Student Work,” edited by Amy S. Jackson, Cindy Pierard, and Suzanne M. Schadl.

An updated introduction to library management best practices

CHICAGO — Just because a set of responsibilities isn’t formally called management doesn’t mean that it isn’t management. And the newly updated second edition of “Library Management 101: A Practical Guide,” published by ALA Neal-Schuman, speaks to a reality that all current professionals already know: that is, everyone studying to enter the profession needs an introduction to the topic of management.