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Libraries are champions of lifelong learning — places to quench curiosities, access technology, and explore new ideas, hobbies and careers.

Cultural Communities Fund: Enriching Lives through Library ProgramsBut extraordinary library programs — the type of library programs our communities need and deserve — require funding and training that some libraries struggle to afford.

Created by the American Library Association’s Public Programs Office, the Cultural Communities Fund (CCF) supports excellence and innovation in community-focused library programming.

With the generosity of individual and corporate donors, the fund has grown to $2 million, providing crucial support for:

  • grants and awards that recognize excellence and promote innovation in library programming and community engagement
  • professional development opportunities, both in-person and online, for library workers at libraries of all types
  •, ALA's online community dedicated to library programs

Please join our network of CCF supporters — including more than 500 library professionals, foundations and corporations — by making a tax-deductible contribution today.

NOTE: To designate your gift to ALA's Resilient Communities: Libraries Respond to Climate Change or another initiative, please place a note under "Add a tribute or memorial to my donation" in the "Donate Now" platform linked below. Thank you!

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Peggy BarberRecognizing library leader Peggy Barber

Gifts made to the Cultural Communities Fund in winter 2019/20 are accepted in memory of Margaret "Peggy" Barber, a transformative leader in ALA and the library field who was behind the creation of National Library Week and the Celebrity READ series. Peggy passed away on August 25, 2019.

Read more about Peggy:

Peggy served as ALA's associate executive director of communications from 1970 to 2000. In that role, she established ALA’s Public Information Office, Public Programs Office, and the ALA Graphics department. After leaving ALA, she was a principal consultant with Library Communication Strategies and served as co-president of Friends of Libraries USA, now known as United for Libraries.

Friends have established a Peggy Barber tribute fund within ALA’s Cultural Communities Fund, which Peggy was instrumental in creating to support cultural programs in libraries. Thanks to Peggy’s amazing network of friends and colleagues, more than $31,000 has already been contributed.

These funds will support the creation of the Peggy Barber Tribute Grant for Libraries, which will recognize and fund outstanding cultural programming in libraries. Details about the award will be announced in the coming months.

Thank you to these generous supporters of the Peggy Barber tribute fund (updated Oct. 10, 2019)

Anonymous, Camile Alire, Sue Anderson, William Asp, Susan Ballard, Robert Belinoff, Sherrie Bergman, John Berry, Katharina Blackstead, Claude W. Blakely, Julie Blume Nye, Nancy Bolt, Susan Brandehoff, Deirdre Brennan, Irene Briggs, Leslie Burger, Kay Cassell, Elizabeth Cenac, Melinda Cervantes, John Chartrand, John Chrastka, Margaret Christ, Vincent Civello, Larra Clark, Sandra Cooper, Margo Crist, Linda Crowe, Denise Davis, Kathleen Dempsey, Richard Dougherty, Robert Doyle, Emily Drabinksi, Joan Durrance, Skip Dye, Lynne Martin Erickson, Carol Felsenthal, Keith Michael Fiels, Sue Fontaine, Barbara Ford, Maurice Freedman, Judith Gibbons, Mary Jo Godwin, Fred Goodman, Michael Gorman, Elaine Harger, Charles Harmon, Patricia Harris, Marianne Hartzell and Joseph Mika, Anne Heanue, Rodney Hersberger, Dottie Hiebing, Patricia Higgins, Susan Hildreth, Nann Hilyard, Lee Hisle, Patricia Hogan, Hong Huang, Kathleen Imhoff, Barbara Immroth, Deborah Jacobs, Pamela Jaskot, Sara Kelly Johns, Em Claire Knowles, Nancy Kranich, Marcia Kuszmaul, Kathryn Leide, Sarah Long, Shirley Loo, Barbara Macikas, Cheryl Malden, Tari Marshall, Stephen Matthews, Kathy Mayo, George McBride, Kathleen McCook, Jody Meza, Barbara Miller, Mia and Jonathan Miller, Gloria Mims, Virginia Moore, Samuel Morrison, Sheila Murphy, Margaret Myers, Jim Neal, Sandra Novacek, Satia Orange, Patricia Oyler, Thomas Phelps, Veronda Pitchford, Arthur Plotnik, Molly Raphael, Sally Reed, Donald B. Reynolds, Jr., Deborah Robertson, Sharon Rogers, Susan Roman, Rhea Rubin, Kay Runge, Jordan Scepanski, Anita Schiller, Marcia Schneider, Susan Schnuer, Patricia Schuman, Amy Small, Patricia Smith, Bob Smith, Sally Decker Smith, Mary Somerville, Carla Stoffle, Barbara Stripling, Maureen Sullivan, Peggy Sullivan, Teri Switzer, Ann Symons, Patricia Tarin, Betty Turock, David Tyckoson, Linda Wallace, Patricia Wand, Gwendolyn Weaver, Chung-Kyun and Robert Wedgeworth, Kathleen Weibel, Hilda Weisburg, Linnea Welsh, Mary Elizabeth Wendt, Robert Willard, Lois Ann and Don Wood

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