ALA Cultural Communities Fund (CCF)

Cultural Communities Fund: Changing Lives Through Library Programs. Because a library reaches far beyond its walls.

How can I double my gift's impact by having my contribution matched (while supporting library community engagement)?

A part of the Cultural Communities Fund (CCF), the Libraries Transform Communities Engagement Grant supports seed projects for all types of libraries and librarians who wish to catalyze positive change within their communities.

When you designate your CCF gift to support the Libraries Transform Communities Engagement Grant, your gift will be matched by a generous donor — so every dollar you give becomes two.

To designate your gift to the Libraries Transform Communities Engagement Grant:

  1. Click the Donate Now button below.
  2. Sign in with your ALA member log-in (or simply click Donate Only).
  3. Search for CCF in the white search bar at the top of the screen. Or, click on Offices and select PPO.
  4. Enter your donation amount and click Check Out.
  5. Click Add a Tribute or Memorial to My Donation and enter Libraries Transform Communities Engagement Grant in the tribute line.
  6. Complete the check-out process.

What will my gift to the Libraries Transform Communities Engagement Grant support?

Your contibution will provide seed grants for all types of libraries that are interested in starting or deepening their community engagement efforts on a local level. Libraries will apply to ALA for seed grant funding and will be required to report on their work.

Library projects may include:

  • Facilitating conversations to bring members of the community together.
  • Collaborating with local nonprofit organizations to tackle difficult problems that are dividing the community.
  • Working closely with dialogue and deliberation experts to develop a community-wide action plan.

In many libraries, these small grants truly make it possible to undertake community engagement efforts that would otherwise burden small staffs or small budgets. 


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Why support CCF?

Libraries are champions of lifelong learning — places to quench curiosities, access technology, and explore new ideas, hobbies and careers.

But extraordinary library programs — the type of library programs our communities need and deserve — require funding and training that some libraries struggle to afford.

Since 2003, the American Library Association (ALA) Cultural Communities Fund (CCF) has supported humanities, civic and STEM programming in libraries of all types.

With help from individual and corporate donors, CCF has grown into an endowment of $1.9 million, crucial funding that supports:

  • professional development opportunities, both in-person and online, for library professionals at libraries of all types
  • grants and awards that recognize excellence in library programming
  •, ALA's online community dedicated to library programs

Please join our network of CCF supporters — including more than 500 library professionals, foundations and corporations — by making a tax-deductible contribution today.

How do I give to CCF?

  1. Click the "Donate Now" button below.
  2. Sign in with your ALA member log-in (or simply click "Donate Only").
  3. Search for "CCF" in the white search bar at the top of the screen. Or, click on "Offices" and select "PPO."
  4. Enter your donation amount and click "Check Out."
  5. Complete the check-out process.

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Who benefits from cultural programming in libraries?

  • Libraries: Cultural programs build the foundation for library advocacy by raising the profile of the library within the community and drawing attention to all the important services the library provices.
  • Communities: Gathering at the library to discuss literature, films and important issues of the day builds strong community networks.
  • People: Library programs meet a significant need for informal and continuing education opportunities, allowing community residents of all ages and income levels to be lifelong learners. Diverse groups of people gather at the library, one of the few truly open spaces in a community.

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