Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award

"School libraries are the great equalizer." -- Carol Daniels, principal, London (Ohio) Elementary School                 

The Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award for Exemplary Humanities Programming recognizes excellence in humanities programming in libraries that serve children in grades K-8.

The $5,000 award is presented annually by the American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office in cooperation with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

What counts as a humanities program?

The humanities program can be focused in many subject areas, including, but not limited to, social studies, poetry, drama, art, music, language arts, foreign language, and culture.

Programs should focus on broadening perspectives and helping students understand the wider world and their place in it.

The humanities program should be initiated and coordinated by the school librarian and exemplify the role of the library program in advancing the overall educational goals of the school.

What types of libraries and programs are eligible?

U.S. school libraries, public or private, that serve children in any combination of grades K-8 are eligible, provided the library is staffed by a state-certified librarian. Libraries are encouraged to self-nominate.

Nominated programs must have taken place during the current school year. Programs that are still in progress as of the award deadline are eligible.

Who was Sara Jaffarian?

Sara Jaffarian was a retired school librarian who has been a member of the American Library Association for 63 years. She began her career as a librarian in the public school system of Quincy, Massachusetts. She later served as the director of libraries for the Greensboro Public Schools in North Carolina and the Supervisor of Libraries for the Seattle Public Schools in Washington. Read more about Mrs. Jaffarian.

What is the award?

The Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award is an annual award to a school library that has conducted an exemplary program or program series in the humanities during the current school year. It consists of (1) a $5,000 cash award; (2) a plaque; and (3) the promotion of the winner as a model program for other school libraries.

Who are the past winners?                                              

Get inspired by these winning programs

      The Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award is sponsored by the ALA Cultural Communities Fund.

      2009 Jaffarian Lisa Hathcock presents award to winner Sally Rasc    2010 Winner Jefferson Elementary_Elmhurst College Collage     Linda Ward-Callaghan presents 2010 Jaffarian Award to Nicolette     2008 Winner Woodsdale Elementary_Child Participating