ALA Executive Director on LTC: "A Project for ALA and All Types of Libraries"

ALA Executive Director Kieth FielsIn this month's American Libraries magazine, ALA Executive Director Keith Fiels describes how the association is supporting library-led community engagement and innovation to spark "increased innovation, increased impact, and ultimately, a more successful community—and a more successful library."

"All around us, libraries are transforming as they adapt to broader changes in the communities they serve and the environment in which they now operate," Fiels writes in his May Executive Director's Message, published today on the American Libraries website. "In the process, librarians have discovered that as they better understand their communities and their aspirations, the more deeply they are 'engaged'; the more impact they can have on their communities; and the more support they will receive in return."

The Libraries Transforming Communities initiative "will strengthen librarians as community leaders and community change agents, and help promote innovations in library services," he writes.

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