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Newly updated handbook of library architecture

CHICAGO — The second edition of “The Practical Handbook of Library Architecture,” published by ALA Editions, covers everything from planning completely new library buildings to small remodeling projects. Library directors, board members, and planning professionals will want this newly updated resource close at hand before, during, and after any library construction project. With a dash of humor, authors Fred Schlipf, Joe Huberty, and John A.

Liberatory librarianship

CHICAGO — How does librarianship help people to be free? How is library capacity and expertise used to increase freedom, justice, and community? “Liberatory Librarianship: Stories of Community, Connection, and Justice,” published by ALA Editions in collaboration with Core, unpacks these questions, and many others, to reveal ways that library workers and their institutions are applying skills, knowledge, abilities, professional ethics, and personal commitment to practice liberatory librarianship.

Introduction to Documentation Studies

CHICAGO — What do a composer, a writer, a painter, a historian, a political activist, and a social agency office have in common? They all create documents to communicate and inform the world, making documentation a necessity for any human interaction in society.

Library services and healthcare knowledge in the UK

CHICAGO — Published by Facet Publishing and available through the ALA Store, “Introduction to Healthcare Knowledge and Library Services” explores the range of roles in this important area of practice, from "traditional" librarian roles to those that break new ground, from clinical, embedded, and outreach librarians to knowledge management workers.

ALA Store at ALA’s 2024 LibLearnX in Baltimore

Conveniently located in the LLX Marketplace, the ALA Store will offer a variety of posters, bookmarks, clothing, gift books, and more. Store hours are:

  • Saturday, January 20: 9:30am – 4:00pm
  • Sunday, January 21: 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • Monday, January 22: 9:30am – 12:00pm

Shop the latest posters and bookmarks including "Hot Dog" by Doug Salati, recipient of the 2023 Caldecott Medal, and new National Library Week materials.

Building representative community archives

CHICAGO — Libraries and archives are grappling with the problems created by collection practices of the past, many of which document those in power while bypassing alternate perspectives and stories. “Building Representative Community Archives: Inclusive Strategies in Practice,” published by ALA Editions, examines continuing efforts in archives across the U.S. to build inclusive records that better represent the disparate histories of this country.

Library of Congress and ALA announce new educational series

CHICAGO — ALA Editions, the book publishing arm of the American Library Association, is pleased to announce a new educational series, “Discover and Learn with the Library of Congress,” to be published in association with the Library of Congress.

The 12 steps to a community-led library

CHICAGO — Libraries want to be more responsive to their diverse communities. Yet many libraries lack the structures, cultures, and mindsets to sustain community-led methods. “The 12 Steps to a Community-Led Library,” published by ALA Editions, lays out an evidence-based process that will help you transform your library in ways that serve your unique community effectively.

Libraries without borders chronicled in Library History Round Table volume

CHICAGO — “Libraries Without Borders: New Directions in Library History,” published by ALA Editions, is a remarkable collection of essays drawn from the Library History Seminar sponsored by the Library History Round Table (LHRT). Edited by Steven A. Knowlton, Ellen M. Pozzi, Jordan S. Sly, and Emily D. Spunaugle, the book explores the roles that libraries have played in the communities they serve, well beyond the stacks and circulation desk.