For immediate release | September 27, 2011

Write your public library’s e-book program with the help of PLA’s new webinar series

CHICAGO – The Public Library Association is pleased to introduce “Public Librarian's Guide to E-Books: A PLA Webinar Series” beginning Oct. 25. This special series features four weekly webinars designed to provide public librarians with practical information and actionable steps to integrate e-books, e-readers and related e-materials into a public library collection.

Each webinar will be moderated by consultant Carson Block and filled with guest speakers and panels. Participants will hear from librarians, technologists and e-material vendors.

The four webinars occur at 1 p.m. Central on the following days:

  1. Oct. 25 - “Intro to E-Books” (Learn about different e-reader devices and the e-book market.)
  2. Nov. 1 - “Laying the Groundwork for a Successful E-Book Collection” (Learn about licensing, purchasing, and loaning.)
  3. Nov. 8 - “Powering Up Your E-Book Program” (Learn actionable steps to create an e-book program for libraries of any size.)
  4. Nov. 15 - “Strategies for Sustaining Your Library's E-Book Program” (Learn how to determine costs to maintain program, understand risks, and measure effectiveness.)

The program is designed to build upon each webinar, so it is recommended to register for the full series; however, it is possible to register for individual webinars.

The cost to attend “Public Librarian's Guide to E-Books: A PLA Webinar Series” (four webinars) is $99 (PLA Members), $115 (ALA Members) and $129 (Nonmembers). Groups of any size can register for the entire series for $379. Individual webinar registration costs $28 (PLA Members), $31.50 (ALA Members) and $35 (Nonmembers). Groups of any size can register for individual webinars for $129.

For more information about PLA, contact the PLA office at (800) 545-2433, ext. 5PLA, or visit PLA’s website at PLA is a division of the American Library Association. PLA’s core purpose is to strengthen public libraries and their contribution to the communities they serve. Its mission is to enhance the development and effectiveness of public library staff and public library services.