Human Resources

Staff Development

Website iconCertified Library Administrator Program
Website: ALA-APA
ALA-APA Certified Library Administrator Program application, class list, and much more information designed for library administration with a MLIS.

Website iconCertified Library Support Staff Program
Website: ALA-APA
ALA-APA Certified Support Staff Program application, classes, and much more information designed for support staff with at least a high school diploma.

Website iconContinuing Education (and Where to Find It), September 23, 2013
Website: American Library Association
Discussion and listing of resources available for continuing education including webinars, conferences, books, etc.

Website iconContinuing Education Courses
Website: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ever changing list of continuing education courses that offer CEU’s for librarians.  Classes are not free but many are offered asynchronously. 

Article icon20+ Awesome  Free Online Librarian Courses, January 25, 2013
Melissa Steele’s article contains links to online courses covering a variety of topics and geared toward librarians.

Website iconOnline Learning Opportunities
Website: New Mexico State Library
List of courses offered for free or for a fee around the nation for degree holding and non-degree holding librarians on a variety of topics.

Article iconKeeping Up with Continuing Education, August 28, 2013
Article: American Libraries Magazine
Karen Muller’s article touches on the difficulties of keeping up with our need to continue our education and how important it is.

Book iconStaff Development: A Practical Guide, 4th Edition
Book: ALA Editions
Edited by Andrea Wigbels Stewart, Carlette Washington-Hoagland, and Carol T. Zsulya for LLAMA this book will help you create a staff development program, track changes, set goals and more.

Unions & Contracts

Website iconUnion Library Workers Community
Website: American Library Association
This forum provides a place for people to share information and ask question about their unions.

Website iconLibrary Workers
Website: AFSCME
This is the nation’s largest union representing and supporting Librarians, Library Technicians, and Library Workers

Article iconA Few Easy Steps to Unionizing Libraries, December 2006
Article: ALA-APA
A.C. Hawely’s article discusses why unions would be beneficial to libraries and steps to starting one at a library.

PDF iconLibrary Director Contract Examples: Below are links to various Library Director contracts which provide ideas of what to include, working. and more:

Please be aware that you should have your attorney review contracts that you create.

Outsourcing & Privatization

Website iconOutsourcing and Privatization in Libraries: Select Bibliography
Website: American Library Association
Containing dozens of documents from the ALA and other sources, this bibliography provides resources on both outsourcing and privatization in libraries.

PDF iconThe Impact of Outsourcing and Privatization on Library Services and Management, June 2000
PDF: American Library Association
Robert S. Martin, et. all, created a study including a literature review, several case studies, and a bibliography of additional resources for reference.

PDF iconThe Pros and Cons of Library Outsourcing: A Planning Aid for Librarians and Administrators
PDF: Colorado Council of Medical Librarians
Karen Wells has created a listing of the pros and cons for different activities in the library.