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In today’s competitive environment, every decision and every dollar counts! To ensure the best use of your library’s resources, you need the best information available. That's where PLA publications can help. As a member, you receive the greatest savings on PLA publications, which cover a wide range of public library concerns and issues.

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Quick Reads Digital Downloads

All Quick Reads books published after Sept. 1, 2016 are free to PLA members!

Digital downloads in the PLA Quick Reads series are all about helping you make the best use of your time by covering important topics in public librarianship in a quick, practical, and direct way. The goal is to shed light on an essential topic quickly and because busy public librarians don’t have a ton of time, each of the publications is under 100 pages.

Five titles in this series are now available. They are:

To order any of the books just complete this order form, fax it to 312-280-5029, and we’ll e-mail you your Quick Reads digital download a.s.a.p.! Remember, if you are a PLA member, Taking Care of Business in the 21st Century: A New Library Service ModelGet Inside: Responsible Jail and Prison Library Service, and Building and Operating a Digital Media Lab are free to you via the PLA Member Library.

E-mail for more information about PLA Quick Reads.

How to Order

All PLA titles and products in the ALA Store can be ordered online, by e-mail, by phone, by fax, or by mail.

Phone: 1-866-Shop ALA (1-866-746-7252)
Fax: 312-280-5860
Mail orders: American Library Association, P.O. Box 936239, Atlanta, GA 31193-6239

For international orders, see for more information.

PLA Publications Standing Order Plan

Get the publications you need, discounts you want, and the service you deserve with the PLA Publications Category on the ALA Approval Plan. With the all-PLA category (UP) you'll receive important PLA publications as soon as they are available. PLA releases four to six titles per year. Some are written specifically for us; others are prepared by libraries across the country for their use and distributed by PLA.  In either case the books are chosen by public librarians for public librarians and public library employees. The category for receiving all PLA books is UP; the category for receiving only the annual PLDS statistical report is U. To sign up, follow the instructions on the ALA Approval Plan page in the ALA Store.

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