Article iconLibraries That Matter, January 2009
Article: Project for Public Spaces
Article about redefining the destination library.

Article iconThe Revolution at Your Community Library: New Media, New Community Centers, Mach 9, 2013
Article: New Republic
Sarah Williams Goldhagen writes about the future of the contemporary library.

Website iconDesign Thinking for Libraries: A Toolkit for Patron-Centered Design
Website: Design Thinking for Libraries
This toolkit guides you through Design Thinking, or human-centered design, so you can start coming up with solutions to everyday challenges within the library.

Article iconWhole Building Design Guide: Libraries, May 26, 2010
Article: National Institute of Building Sciences
Short article with lines to resources designed to help you with space needs, codes, expectation and more for a building project, renovation or addition.

Book iconChecklist of Library Building Design Considerations, Sixth Edition
Book: ALA Editions
William Sannwald’s book provides informative chapters on every aspect of the building process including checklists for your to refer to as you work on a building project, planning process or renovation.

PDF iconPublic Library Space Needs: A Planning Outline, 2009
PDF: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Anders Dahlgren’s article provides an in depth discussion of various aspects of library space planning including: collection space, seating space, work space, meeting rooms space, special use spaces and more.