Membership Initiative Groups

A Membership Initiative Group (MIG) is formed when a group of ALA members identifies a common concern or interest about librarianship which falls outside the delegated responsibility of a single division, roundtable, or unit, and wishes to establish a short-term mechanism to address this concern or interest. To establish a MIG, which must be approved by COO and reported to Council, a group must submit to the Committee on Organization a statement of purpose, at least one hundred signatures of ALA members in good standing, and the names and addresses of designated organizers. (ALA Policy 6.12). Contact Danielle Alderson,, Member Programs and Services, ALA Headquarters.


Diversity Membership Initiative Group

This open forum would be an organizational home for persons interested in fostering an improved climate for diversity within the American Library Association as a means to positively impact services to the increasingly diverse populations who utilize our libraries on a daily basis.  In addition, it would provide a base for conference programming, formal contacts, e-lists, etc. It would raise issues of concern with the Office for Diversity, Committee on Diversity and other formal ALA communities (Divisions, Committees, Round Tables, etc.).  Staff Liaison: Michelle Harrell Washington  

Graphic Novels & Comics in Libraries

To provide a method for engagement and networking among ALA members interested in comic books and graphic novels. To collaborate with ALA units to support the inclusion of comic books and graphic novels in library initiatives and programs across the Association. To advocate for wider incorporation and acceptance by the profession and the Association for comic books and graphic novels in library services, programming, and collections. This group is open to all members, and encourages participation from members from all library types and members who serve various library user demographics.

Information Commons

To provide a mechanism for sharing experiences with promoting, developing and sustaining commons. To provide a base for conference programming, formal contacts, e-lists, etc. To encourage participation in efforts and partnerships to help promote, build and sustain information commons. This group includes librarians from all types of libraries who are eager to learn about and share their experiences with developing and preserving commonly shared resources, as well as understanding and promoting the concept of the commons. Staff liaison, Mary W. Ghikas,

Libraries Foster Community Engagement

(formerly Libraries Fostering Civic Engagement)

Libraries Foster Community Engagement provides an ALA organizational home for members interested in the work of library-led community engagement. It is a community of practice where participants share experiences facilitating public forums, fostering community and civic engagement, and leading change in communities. Participants also hear about professional development opportunities and library experiences related to convening, dialogue facilitation, forum moderation, deliberative dialogue and local partnerships to help communities understand issues of concern and solve problems together.  Staff liaison, Mary W. Ghikas,  

LibraryLab / Library Boing Boing

(formerly the Library Boing Boing Member Interest Group)

To bring librarians and Boing Boing readers (aka, Happy Mutants) together to generate support for and raise interest in libraries via projects at local libraries.


  • Help find and propose content about libraries that could be posted to Boing Boing.

  • Provide active ways for Happy Mutants to support and get involved with their local libraries (eg, toolkits, best practices, ideas for local projects).

  • Create dynamic programming at library conferences that Library Boing Boingers can then take outside of the library community to promote libraries (eg, SxSW, local community events, etc.).

  • Work together to help Happy Mutants advance our shared interests (eg, copyright reform, net neutrality, game culture, digital divide issues, open government, etc.).

  • Coordinate an international community of librarians working with their own Happy Mutant groups.

 How to submit a story to Boing Boing


Programming Librarian Interest Group (PLIG)

To bring together all types of librarians interested in public programming for their patrons. Programming is an intrinsically essential library service. The Programming Librarian Interest Group will help librarians advocate for programming at their own institutions, share program ideas and successful strategies, and provide a space for professional development by librarians who do programming officially and unofficially as part of their job duties. The group will also be a vehicle for ALA members to connect more dynamically with ALA’s Public Programming Office.   

Virtual Communities and Libraries

To provide a group within ALA for members interested in fostering the practice of library work, the visibility of libraries and library workers, and the extension of library services within online social networks, virtual worlds, and other communities of intention. To provide a mechanism for sharing experiences and practices in-person or virtually through programming or asynchronous communications. To encourage wider participation by the profession and the association in virtual worlds. To establish a forum across all types of libraries and at all levels of library employment concerned with the development of library services in emerging social networks, virtual worlds, and other communities of intention. This group is open to all members. Staff liaison, Tina Coleman,